Cordless washers are great because they have cleaning power that can be compared with the corded ones, and they do that with a good battery run time. It is a widespread opinion that cordless washers will soon overtake corded ones in sales.

Our top picks

Best Overall: Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 1196 Max PSI 1 GPM 48-Volt iON+ on Amazon

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Best Value: WORX 20V Cordless Pressure Washer, Portable Power Hydroshot Cleaner w/ Accessories on Amazon

Allows you to easily and instantly connect to most 2-liter bottles as a portable water source, enhancing the portability and convenience of your Hydroshot.

Affordable: mrliance Cordless Pressure Washer, 2x40V Portable Power Washer on Amazon

MR-XK005233 40V Cordless Handheld Cleaner is perfect for quick, everyday outdoor cleaning tasks.

Comes with charger: BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner on Amazon

You'd be hard-pressed to find a high-pressure washer that is more compact or more versatile.

This prediction means that if you are not using one already, you may soon be looking for one to buy. Cordless pressure washers come in various sizes, designs, prices, specifications, power ratings, and so on. It can be a hell of a job choosing from the full range of cordless washers. That is why we compiled a list of 7 of the cordless washers that have caught our eyes and why.

Let’s get right to it:

1. QWERTOUY Portable Cordless Electric Pressure Washer

This washer is sure to remove every stubborn stain with its max flow rate of 300 l/h. You also don't need to be refilled with water now and then because this machine comes with a water tank capable of holding 20 liters at once. This is not your regular washer; it comes with some accessories designed to give you a better user experience. Amongst them are Greenwork's high-pressure gun and a 6 m high-pressure hose for high-pressure washing dead ends. It also comes with a fixed fan jet nozzle built for mobile cleaning and a water filter for removing sediments from the water that goes into the machine. It is fitted with a horizontal pump that makes it reliable and also boosts performance.

All of these features and still did not sacrifice its portability. It comes in a compact, lightweight, and portable design with an in-built water tank that you can carry about easily.ADPTT Gas Pressure Washer Kit

This washer comes in a portable design which means you can clean it anywhere and anytime. You can also carry it about easily because it is constructed with lightweight materials. You also get to use it for a long without worrying about the battery run time because it is fitted with a high-performance lithium battery. That means you won’t experience dragline troubles. You won’t also worry about performance because this washer grants you high pressure and large area flow, making it an efficient cleaning tool.

2. Power Pressure Washer 1300 PSI 1.2

It comes with the 2018 new high-tech brushless motor that makes it one of the best products in the market. It is fitted with state-of-the-art technologies and designs so it can be truly efficient. It has an induction motor power washer of up to 1300 PSI. The features make it powerful but still portable and lightweight. It comes in a beautiful body that is a head-turner. It is highly power-efficient, taking only one hour to become fully charged and 45 minutes of continuous use time. A microswitch that is sensitive to water flow and a soap dispenser are some of the numerous additional features.

3. TOKHAROI Cordless Portable Electric High-Pressure Cleaner

It is equipped with a 4AH battery making it one of the most power-efficient washers out there. It combines this long-lasting ability with a heavy-duty ability. It boasts of 400 PSI flowrate making it able to dispense between 1.8 to 3 liters of water in a minute. With such flow, you can easily clean it within minutes. It comes with five different spray nozzle tips that you can choose from depending on what your needs are. There is a nozzle for your plant irrigation and another for your car engine.SUNGLIFE Cordless

4. Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

This machine is one of the high performers today. It comes fitted with a powerful 20-Volt / 100-Watt motor that can generate up to 320 PSI water pressure and give you up to a 3.0L/min flow rate for your high-pressure washing needs. It is also good on portability and lightness because of its compact design that makes it very mobile. It is very convenient to use because it has a feature that allows you to direct water to where you want it.

5. Realm D2 Plus

It has a powerful 40V/4.0Ah motor that can generate up to 1200psi pressure of water which is great perfect for light to heavy-duty cleaning. It is very durable because it has a brushless motor that is free of wear and tear. This motor also enables this machine to operate with less noise and give more performance. It comes with an auto-suction function that allows it to take up water to the tank without the restriction of a water source. It is multifunctional and will enable you to choose from the different pressure rate settings according to your needs.

6. Xinhuatian Portable High-Pressure Washer

It is powerful and durable. It has a 1200rpm brush motor capable of high performance and a 2L/min flow rate, and it also has a powerful cooling system to keep the engine from overheating and damaging. The manufacturers guarantee a service life of at least five years. With a net wet of 4.2kg, it is one of the lightest washers you can get. The high-pressure performance of this washer makes it suitable for even the dead ends of cars, motorcycles, gardens, and so on.

‌‌Some people still see the art of pressure washing as a discretionary task. To them, you should do it when you want to rid your home, driveway, or patio of unpleasant dirt.

While these are vital, they are not the only tasks that pressure washers can handle. Beyond making the home beautiful, there are some other tasks that a good pressure washer can perform. It is also very important in protecting your health and helping you do certain projects well.

So you are probably burdened with the choice of the cordless pressure washer to select. This is what this article is squarely about.

Best Pressure Washers in 2020 - We tested them all!
‌‌Having a sparkling driveway, patio, car or Stonewall comes with having theeright tools. You must be ready to constantly keep them clean and free of stainsand dirt. With the invention of pressure washers, you don’t need to get on yourknees and hands with a brush to scrub till your knuckles bleed…

Why Are Pressure Washers So Important?

Protect Your Home from The Growth of Unwanted Elements

Pressure washing can help you protect your home from the growth of mildew, mold, algae, and moss. This will pave the way for a healthier and more comfortable home.

  • Preparation for Renovation

Before any major external renovation, it is advisable to pressure wash the areas of your home that you want to renovate. Even though this step may appear unnecessary, the labels on stain bottles, sealant tubes, and paint cans often indicate that prior to application, the surface should be thoroughly clean.

  • Raises the Value of Your Home

If you are contemplating selling your home, you can easily impress your potential buyers with an easy and affordable method of pressure washing. When you clean the stacking layers of grime and dirt using your pressure washing machine, you can be sure that the worth of your home will surge so that realtors and buyers can pay more than they would have paid.

  • Deep Cleans Your Home

Driveways, brick, and siding are the only places that can feel the power of a good pressure washer. Your deck or patio, outdoor furniture, or any concrete-based surface can also benefit from a pressure-washing task. When you are through with the task, you may likely think that you have a new porch!

Best Electric Pressure Washers in 2020 (Comparison tool & Buying guide)
Electric pressure washers are great tools every home should have. They save the time of the users. Although they may be dangerous to use due to the connection between electricity and water, electric pressure washers come with GFCIs that protect the users properly from the risk of an electric shock.

Types of Pressure Washers

Cold Water Pressure Washers

This type of pressure washer is one of the commonest out there. Their popularity is hinged on the fact that they are very easy to use, plus they are very affordable. You can use them to clean your deck, siding, and certain structures in your home. They are generally convenient for cleaning tasks at home. They are also very portable structures so that you can easily carry them wherever you are going. Most people who make use of pressure washers are actually making use of the cold version of it.


Hot Water Pressure Washer

While cold pressure washers are suitable for the home, hot pressure washers are mainly built for offices and businesses. They have some strong advantages over cold water pressure washers. Hot pressure washers have the capability to reach about 311°F. Now, it is common knowledge that hot waters are more effective in cleaning than cold water. Hence, hot-pressure washers do the job better than cold-pressure washers.


Electric Pressure Washers

Just like cold pressure washers, electric pressure washers are very common in homes. They use electricity to drive their washing process. In fact, they are frequently more common than cold pressure washers. One popular characteristic of these pressure washers is the fact that they have lightweight, plus they are very convenient to use. You can use electric pressure washers to Carter for your everyday pressure washing needs. It is also a very affordable solution so that you don’t have to break your bank to buy one.

Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

‌‌The gas-powered pressure washing machine is the most suitable pressure machine for pressure washing hard but very important tasks. These pressure washers are no doubt more sophisticated and powerful than the other three above. Using a gas-powered pressure washer is effective for tasks that you want to do in a certain way. There are other benefits of using gas-powered pressure washers that other pressure washers fall short of. Also, they are very much more portable than the electric pressure washer so you can carry them about without any significant discomfort.

How Pressure Washers Work

A pressure washer, irrespective of the type, is basically not a complicated device—an engine or a motor turn on a pump, pumping water out of an orifice. As the water passes through this orifice, it gains acceleration, something similar to a river flowing through a thin gorge. The speed of this water is very important in helping it to clean off grime and dirt. This mechanism is quite simple and straightforward. A certain volume of water is pumped through the orifice whenever the pump starts working.

More pressure builds up when more water passes through the orifice. The water moves faster when the pressure is higher, and this hits the dirt hard and displaces them from the surface that you want to clean.


10 Best Cordless Pressure Washers

‌‌1. Sun Joe Cordless Pressure Washer SPX6001C

With some modest and appealing features, this pressure washer is probably one of the best that you can get out there. It is a versatile and light-pressure washer that is ideal for lots of home cleaning tasks. It is suitable for cleaning your boat, washing your car, washing your deck, and some other items in your house.

This device comes with a green coloration and comes with four containers that can contain a soap spray that is adjustable to cater to both heavy and light cleaning activities. If your neighborhood is lacking electricity or a hose, then this solution can be the best for you. This is the result of the fact that it doesn’t need electricity to function. As such, the burden of connecting it to an electrical outlet has been eliminated.


  • When charged once, it can last for 40-50 minutes
  • There is a significant visual improvement as against its predecessor (6000 model)
  • Stronger and bigger wheels
  • You can pass hot water through it up to 104°F
  • High pumping pressure (500-800 psi)
  • Possesses a very high value-for-money
  • There is a two-year warranty.


  • This is not a very suitable machine for use with salt water
  • You will need an extra battery if you want it to run this cordless battery-operated pressure washer

‌‌2. Worx Cordless 20v Hydroshot Pressure Washer

This cordless power cleaner/pressure washer is portable, and it is one nice alternative that you have to consider if you want to clean and maintain your boats, boats, outdoor spaces, RV, etc. Water from any source can be used in this pressure washer to effectively clean anything you intend to use it for. In just one minute, this pressure washer has the capacity to pump about half a gallon so that you can clean your boat, auto, and anything else to make your life worthwhile.


  • Cordless 20V Hydroshot Pressure Washer is very portable
  • When fully charged, you can use it for 17 minutes.


  • You have to assemble it after purchasing it
  • It may take up to one minute to draw water into the hose if it is empty.

‌‌3. MrLiance 40V Cordless Pressure Washer

This is another top-notch pressure washer that struck a balance between convenience and portability. One outstanding quality of this pressure washer is the fact that it can draw fresh water into it irrespective of the source. There are six different adjustments that the nozzle provides so that they can cover surfaces as big as 20 inches in the slant direction.

You have to be careful of the volume of water that you utilize as they would make the cleaning process easier and more effective. Also, the trigger gun that it comes with includes a safety lock feature. This feature will help protect children who playfully mess with it. If you want to remove debris and dust, then this is what you are looking for.


This solution

  • is very fast in its cleaning activity
  • It features an attachment for foam cannon.


  • Can’t be used for voltage more than 110V
  • The information about the duration of the battery is not provided

‌‌4. Worx 40V Cordless Pressure Washer

This version of the Worx cordless power cleaner is also portable and has the ability to draw water from any source. This hydro shot pressure cleaner is lightweight and can provide you with a pressure that is about seven times what a conventional hose will provide you. You can pump close to one liter of water using 450 psi in just one minute.

This device also features your normal accessories of 0-40° variance. Your use of these accessories is dependent on the material and the type of surface that you are handling. This piece of equipment may clog when you use it with saltwater. This is one of the few limitations of using this pressure washer.

Also, it comes with two extra batteries that you can use in case one of your batteries is currently low. This product offers a better range, accuracy, and focused cleaning power.


  • You can get it hooked to a garden hose
  • It possesses more features than the preceding 20V hydro shot.
  • You may have 104°F hot water or even water with lower temperatures.


  • Batteries and some accessories may be shipped to a different address when you demand a replacement.
  • The product may be hard to assemble

‌‌5. WORX WG625 20V Cordless Pressure Washer

This cordless Worx pressure washer is somewhat similar to the Worx 40V Cordless Pressure Washer. As expected, it is still a top-notch product, and it allows you to enjoy a pressure that is five times more than the pressure that Worx 40V Cordless Pressure Washer offers. It also falls in the class of portable and lightweight pressure washers. With this machine, you can draw from freshwater and other common sources.


  • Pressure can reach 320 psi and can pump 0.53 gallons of water in one minute
  • Max power battery is 20 Volt


  • With this cleaning machine, it may be difficult to clean certain hard surfaces
  • It does not have a long battery life; typically 15 minutes or less

‌‌6. WORX WO7046 Cordless Pressure Washer

This is another decent pressure washer that combines portability and aptness in its cleaning activity. It has a dual function that permits you to switch between watering and cleaning tasks.

When using it, you can get a typical garden hose attached to it, plus a dual charger and two batteries for use.


  • It includes multiple spray adjustments and a 10 ft. hose
  • Features a soap dispenser function that shoots about 6 inches


  • You can’t use it for more than 20 minutes after a complete charge
  • It is a low washer as the pressure will not suffice for big jobs

‌‌7. Tokharoi High-Pressure Cordless Electric Pressure Washer

Takharoi pressure washer does not require any power cord, plus you don’t have to spend much time maintaining it. You can use water from any source such as streams and buckets, just plug a water pipe into the pressure washer, and pressure wash the material you want to at any time. You can start the installation process and complete it in just one minute.

It comes with a 20V power supply, a 4Ah battery, and a 400 psi flow rate that is suitable for heavy-duty cleaning. You will also enjoy five different adjustments so that you can pressure clean at different angles. One battery and one charger also come with it.


  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Easy to use and assemble.


  • Does not come inside a box

8‌‌. SaintGE PPS G15-Li Cordless Pressure Washer

SaintGE is arguably the easiest to use and most versatile portable pressure washer. This exceptional machine comes with gun flow rates that can be adjusted, with a 2.6Ah Li-Ion battery, and a pressure that can reach up to 110 psi.

If you desire a pressure washing option that can do the work for hard surfaces with dirt and grime, then you should consider going for this one.


  • Comes with a fast charger and two batteries


  • The battery life is not long.

9‌‌. Cordless 1300 Psi Cordless Power Pressure Washer

This is a pretty recent pressure washer that features a good motor and a pressure of up to 1300 psi. The design is sleek and pretty attractive, and its extreme lightweight is also an added advantage.

It requires less electric current to run it to generate a characteristic high power, which is the mark of an efficient machine. Water will cease passing through the pump when you release the trigger. To make sure that the motor doesn’t get to overheat, the device turns the motor off automatically.


  • It comes with a hose that is 20 feet long and a power cord 30 ft. long
  • It runs smoothly, generating minimal noise.


  • A pressure washer takes up to an hour to be charged
  • It is relatively heavy.

‌‌10. Sun Joe Spx202c Cordless Pressure Washer

Sun Joe Spx202c is the perfect pressure washer for cleaning your deck, auto, pavers, concrete, cabin, boat, and other tasks that have lightweight. The pressure washer offers a spray wand that is adjustable. The spray wand also includes a twist nozzle that can help you control the pressure in the water easily.

The motor can generate about 725 psi worth of pressure that can allow you to pump one gallon of water in one minute. To help lengthen the pump life and save energy, the pressure washer shuts the pump off when you are not engaging it.


  • The weight is light meaning that you can carry it about


  • The pressure it generates is relatively low.

Things to Consider when Buying Pressure Washers

Electric vs. Gas

The manner in which gas and electric pressure washers pressurize water is different. Their main point of difference is their strength and speed. If you have both a gas and an electric-powered lawn device, the difference will be quickly obvious to you.

While they generate more power, the gas-powered pressure washers are frequently louder than the other types. If you are keen on cleaning small surfaces, then you may want to get an electric pressure washing machine instead. The gas-powered types are more suitable for bigger areas such as homes, decks, and driveways.

Cold Water vs. Hot Water

The hot pressure washers, which is scarcer than the cold pressure washers, are more complicated. They are also less portable. Coldwater pressure washer mostly relies on pressure to do the work. This is in contrast to hot pressure washers that take advantage of the hotness of the water to make the cleaning more effective. Hot pressure washers also use less soap, plus they wash faster than their cold counterpart. If you are hoping for commercial activity such as use in a farm or an industry, then hot water pressure washers are the best pick. A cold water pressure washer is great for home use but not suitable for cleaning a meat locker.


When it comes to pressure washers, portability is key. How easy is it to store and wheel around? Nothing hurts more than having to carry a pressure washer all day, all in the bid to seeing that you have some things cleaned. As you are making a choice of what to buy, make sure that you factor in portability into it so that you don't have to pass through the stress of constant carriage.

FAQs on Pressure Washing

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the use of water under high pressure to clean some materials by continuously passing the water through a spray. Most of these sprays are several times more powerful than the normal garden hose that you may be conversant with. It is used to get dirt stains, molds, and other unpleasant things off some surfaces.

When used on wooden decks, they can assume the sight of new wood, lacking fatigued and graying finishes. When they are used on houses, they can greatly improve the appearance of siding (vinyl and aluminum) by removing mildew, pollution, and other unpleasant sights.

What chemicals can be used in a pressure washer?

When you want to adopt some chemicals to aid the cleaning process, make sure that you use only the ones that have been approved. One of the best decisions you will make regarding this is to go for the ones that are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Why Can't I Use Chemical Injection Under High Pressure?

When you apply the chemicals under the conditions of high pressure, it will cause unpleasant splashing, and this can lead to undesirable wastage. Also, most of these chemical solutions are more effective when they are used under conditions of low pressure. After the injection of the chemical, you can then set your machine to the pressure level that you want.

Can I Make Use of Bleach While Pressure Washing?

No! There is no point in using bleach when you are pressure washing. When you use them, you are most likely to cause damage to the gun's o-rings, seals, pumps, hoses, and wand

Can I Use Hot Water To Pressure Wash?

Making use of hot water when there is no need for it can cause damage to the pump and the O-rings. There will be an activation of the thermal relief functionality for most pressure washers when the water has attained a temperature of about 145°F. There are also some pressure washers that have maximum temperature pumps of about 160º F and 180º.

Can you use lake water in a pressure washer?

While a lot of pressure washers are built to use water from any source, it is not frequently advisable to make use of water from a lake. Making use of such water can cause clogging in the machine as a result of the debris that comes with the water. This will also lead to the pump breaking down due to too much stress.


But hey, we don’t want to tell you what to buy. There are 10 great products here, and one of them will be perfect for you.

If you are contemplating what to buy but you don’t know what to settle for, our list contains some of the best cordless pressure washers on the market.

‌‌We considered several criteria before coming up with this list. We also looked at what users had to say about them. Now, you can be confident and choose because we have done the dirty job for you. No matter what your budget is, there is something for you on this list. Feel free to check them out and go with whichever suits you.