GARDENA 3/4-Inch
Best garden hose
50ft Long
Best lightweight water hose
75ft long
Tons of performance
Very expensive
Crenova 100ft
Best expandable water hose
100ft long
Excellent performance
Resists sub-zero temperetures
Best expandable water hose
Plenty of power
144Hz Full HD display
Mediocre speakers

A garden hose is an essential part of your arsenal if you're serious about your hobby garden. Whether you just need a hose for high-pressure cleaning, or simply need to water your precious flowers, a flexible and well-made garden hose will come in handy in many situations.

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It's essential to go with a high-quality garden hose that can stand the harsh weather conditions and use cases.

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But what makes a high quality garden hose that can do an excellent job in your garden so special?

If you are unsure, take a look at the detailed comparison of best garden hoses we use at our nursery. We have also looked at the independent test results from all over the internet so that you can buy your new garden hose online with the best possible information.

Best Flexible Water Hose: GARDENA 3/4-Inch

The Gardena Comfort Flex expandable garden hose comes in 5 different lengths. Ten meters, 15, 20, 30 and 50 meters and it's made to withstand high water pressure. High quality, spiral mesh textile offers the flexibility and power to withstand up to 40 bar.

The harmful UV rays of the sun cannot harm it. So it's perfectly fine to leave it under the sun when you're taking a coffee break.

This product comes with a mind blowing 20-year special warranty, which shows the manufacturer is fully behind the products they make. Read another review of mine if you wish to buy a Gardena retrectable reel along with the hose.

This is an extremely reliable hose that you can use in your garden for an extremely long time with good care. Of course you don't have to fear annoying bending or twisting with this dimensionally stable garden hose. If you already have the original system parts and the matching Gardena connection devices, you can just buy this one individually, if its your first Gardena product, you might need couple of other connection parts.

Best lightweight water hose: Ohuhu 75 Feet

The Ohuhu garden hose is great, especially if you have a big garden and need something flexible and expanding. Thanks to the elastic material used, it can extend from 30 feet to a whopping 75 feet! No matter how hard you pull it, double latex flexible material ensures an extremely long service life.

We have one of these Ohuhu hoses at Columbia Florist. One of the best things I like about it is, it NEVER tangles, twists or kinks, which makes it extremely easy to store away when I don't need to water my flowers. The extremely pressure-resistant hose can withstand a pressure of up to ten bar. The hose expands automatically as soon as water flow through it. So like.. You don't need to pull or anything. 

Its in my opinion one of the best flexzilla garden hose alternatives if you're into hoses that flex when water runs through it.

The best part is, a convenient spray head also comes with the hose. It has eight different settings so that you can water your plants to a greater or lesser extent with this garden hose and spray head. With a net weight of only 1.5 kilograms, this garden hose is comparatively light despite its considerable length. Also, the spray head of your new Ohuhu garden hose is of course, of high quality and corrosion-resistant.

Best expandable water hose: Crenova 100ft

Despite the flexible material used, the Crenova 100ft can easily handle up to a water pressure of 15 bar. The solid brass connection parts can also ensure that you can use this water hose drip-proof around your house. The stable material makes sure that you don't have to worry about twisting and knotting. The Crenova garden hose can also withstand tough environments and weather conditions. After all, you can use this flexible garden hose without hesitation in a temperature range from -5 to +50 degrees Celsius.,

It's not a problem for me here in California. However, if you're from colder parts of the country, its crucial to have a water hose that can withstand cold and capable of resisting sub-zero weather conditions.

Thanks to the 15bar pressure, not only around the garden, it can also be used to clean your vehicles, and even the outside of your house.

Overall, it is a heavy-duty, ultra expandable water hose with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that'll last you many many years.

Please remember that all flexible garden hoses only reach their maximum length after several times of use. However, by the fifth use at the latest, the hose should stretch to its maximum length of 100ft.

What is a garden hose anyway?

Well, the main difference between just a regular hose and a garden hose is that, best garden hoses are made from a flexible and lightweight material which makes them perfect for heavy duty use.  More importantly, the good ones are always BPA, lead, and phthalate-free. Which is important if you're gonna be watering vegetables.

A well made, high quality flexible water hose is compatible with different type of connections and they don't kink, which allows you to hook it up with a high pressure cleaner and tuck it away when you don't need it. Most garden hoses come with a handy nozzle/shower which enables you to change water speed and pressure according to your needs.

To connect your garden hose to a tap, you need a tap connector. Such an attachment is also required for an outdoor water connection. As a rule, garden hoses are not only flexible and bendable, but they are also abrasion and weather resistant. After all, your garden hose should not break immediately if you accidentally step on it or pull a bit too hard.

What is the best garden hose on the market?

Garden hoses are available in variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors. The outlook of your water hose depends on your taste. However, different criteria comes into consideration depending on your use case. Whether you're buying a garden hose to use with your sprinkler, or to connect to a high pressure cleaner, in this guide I'll tell you exactly what you need to be looking for in a garden hose.

  • Buy the most flexible and resistant material you can find.
  • UV-resistant material prevents algea from forming inside the hose and extends its lifespan.
  • To avoid unexpected bursting and explosions, buy a high-pressure water hose.
  • Some water hoses can extend 3-4 times its size. If you have a small storing space, look at expandable options.
  • It must be drip-proof
  • Stainless steel garden hoses should be made of rust free material 
  • Longest possible service life
  • Research independent reporters and read other users' reviews before taking out your credit card.
  • Make sure its made of an anti twist and anti kink material.
  • It has to be free of toxic materials such as heavy metals and BPA if you want a drinking water safe hose, so use premium rubber garden hose.
  • Pay atention to the material it is made of. There are mainly two types of gardening hoses out there: Latex and PVC. Both comes with their own unique advantages, such as flexibility and sturdiness.
  • Do you need to buy separate accessories with the water hose? Most gardening hoses come with their own spray heads and tap connection parts. However, sometimes they don't! Make sure you don't get hit with nasty surprises

Another important thing to pay attention to is the manufacturer approved temperature range for the water hose. Above certain temperatures, the material can melt and bend. At way below freezing temperatures, it might crack, and leak water. However, most latex and PVC water hoses will perform just fine between 20F - 120F.