Last Updated: 11/25/2019

Stay up to date with our list of US and international agricultural products and gardening tools recalls.

According to FDA and USDA, tools and products can be recalled by the manufacturer company to remove it from the market by FDA order under statutory authority.

If you see a product or tool in this list that you own, such as a lawnmower, saw, circuit, drill or blower, you should immediately stop using and return it to manufacturer as they may cause fire or electrical shock.

STIHL HSA 65 & HSA 85 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Recall

Affected Models: HSA 65 & HSA 85

Risk: In some cases the electrical trimmer could start running when only one switch is pressed, or continue to operate when all the buttons are released, causing risk of injury.

Date: 16 / 5 / 2019

What to do?

If you own this trimmer please contact STIHL for return
Telephone Number: 01276 20202
Fax Number: 01276 670510