We have a very vast lawn, that’s why we always need a reliable lawnmower. We need one that is durable, powerful, and high performance. These are the requirements that we have. That’s why we finally decided to get Worx WG779 40V POWER SHARE 4.0 AH 14inch LAWN MOWER W/ MULCHING & INTELLICUT (2X20V).

Good stuff
  • Dual 20V power share batteries
  • Includes dual port charger
  • Patented intellicut technology
Bad stuff
  • Batteries don’t last long enough
  • Mostly plastic

This product is recommended to us by our neighbor. She told me that this is the product that they have and that they love it because of its many features and advantages. Because of this, I finally decided to go online and check the product by myself so that I can really get to know the product better as well as the features that it has.

After checking it online, all I could say is wow. My neighbor is not lying about it. Worx WG779 have 20V batteries, so it means it could work well for many hours. This means that in total, it can deliver 40B of power. When I read this, I felt very happy and I know that yes, this is the product that we also need for our yard.

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Aside from that, the product also makes use of the so-called intellicut technology. This means that it can really cut the grass using a great strategy to ensure that the result would be good. It will also trim a bigger area while conserving energy. These are benefits that are really helpful to homeowners like me. The cutting height can also be an adjustment. This lawnmower can allow 3 adjustments so that you will be very comfortable and convenient when mowing the yard.

The battery of this Worx WG779 can also last long, even if this is a high-performance machine. The battery can approximately mow about 5500 sq. ft. when fully charged. Can you imagine how wide it can be covered in one charging? You can really do a lot. Since this is also high performance, the mowing time can also be reduced. The new technology that this is made of made that possible. I can now do more chores at home compared to the past.

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The Worx WG779 also comes with a great manual. Since I am new to this product and brand, I really need to know every detail about the product. It is really advantageous that the manual is made for everyone in a very user-friendly manner. It can be easily understood even by first time users like me.

Yesterday, I saw our neighbor, who advised us to get this Worx WG779. I told her that she was right because the machine is really good and that we have really good use of it. Putting our hard-earned money on products like this is worth it because of the great functionality and benefits that it can provide. The results are proven and I was able to save more time and effort. I am a happier mom now with fewer backaches and such. To all other homeowners out there who need a high-performance lawnmower, I also encourage and suggest that you get this Worx WG779. You will never regret it.