Simpson Monster pressure washer hose review

Good stuff
  • Works with most gas pressure washers
  • Rated up to 4500 PSI
  • 3/8" Male quick connect plug
  • 3/8" Female quick connect socket
Bad stuff
  • Could be a bit leakey
  • Not enough service locations

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Garden hoses will do it if you mainly want to water your flowers. But when you also want to spray the water far away or wash your car with your water hose, you will need water pressure washers that don't explode and leak under high pressure.

I was recently out on the market for a brand new garden hose to use with a pressure washer and decided on the SIMPSON Cleaning Monster 41028- 3/8" x 50' 4500 PSI Cold Water Replacement/Extension Hose.

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As its name suggests, it's one of the best heavy-duty performance, steel garden hoses out there that can withstand up to 4500 PSI max pressure, at 140 degrees!

The premium hybrid Polyurethane coating material is nonmarring and safe for drinking, and up to 4 times more abrasion resistant than other garden rubber hoses I use here at ColumbiaFlorist.

Is it any good?

I've seen some other users complaining that it doesn't come with Quick-Connect Couplers, and you need to buy them separately, but it's not true! Mine came with both male, and female connector ends. It's legit one of the best pressure washers I tried; we are using it 3-4 times a week to wash our cars and sweep away the dirt off our steps and doorway.

There are two versions of this hose out on the market; The old one is black coated, and the new one has this sleek metallic gold color. I'd suggest you get the new one because some users complain about the old black coating leaving marks all over the floor when you're dragging and pulling it. But the new outer layer doesn't have that kind of problem. You don't want to get your hands or car dirty with black markings!

Can you use a garden hose on a pressure washer?

It depends on the type of hose we are talking about. If it's a rubber garden hose we use to.. well.. water our flowers, no, you probably can't use it on a pressure washer because the high water pressure will cause leaks and fractures on the hose. If it's a metal or any other type of material that's made to withstand immense water pressures, and you have the suitable kind of connectors, you should have no problems at all.

How do I keep my garden hose from kinking?

Check out the Gardena retractable hose reel review I just posted after owning it for about six months. No matter the type of material your hose is made of, if you throw it around too much, leave it under the burning sun, or freezing cold, your water hose becomes more prone to kinking and twisting.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by employing proper storage hose reels or L-hooks and using best garden hoses.

Also, it's essential to drain the leftover water inside the hose after each use to avoid water loops.


All in all, it's just an awesome high-pressure hose for the price. I have no complaints. It's connected to my Troy Bilt pressure washer. And at 3000 PSI, I have no leaking problems at all. I don't know how far should you push the limits, but it should handle well up to 4.500 PSI, according to the manufacturer.

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