If you have a garden or lawn in your house, it is appropriate for you to ensure that you keep it tidy always. In order to make your lawn be in perfect condition, the most important single component that plays the leading role is the mower blade. You will definitely want to ensure that your mower has a perfect blade to give you the best cutting experience. A sharp blade is very important to cut your grasses efficiently and perfectly. Lawn mower blades are expected to be as sturdy as possible. A sturdy blade helps in reducing maintenance costs for your machine. It will also curb the need to replace your blade every time. Hence, it becomes a necessity for you to have a mower blade that can withstand several environmental conditions.

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When you buy a new lawn mower, you buy it with the prospect of using it for a long time. If the blade is not convenient enough to use, you may have to change it after a very short while. So, you must choose a blade that will be convenient for you to use

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Permanence and Sturdiness

If you spend a huge amount of money to get the best of mower blades and it doesn't yield the expected output, time and resources have just been wasted. The longevity of the blade should be one of your utmost priorities. If you choose a long-lasting mower blade, you wouldn't have to change it every time. Hence, choosing a sturdy blade will help to cut off unnecessary maintenance expenses.

Nature of the lawn mower

As stated above, choosing a sturdy mower blade is synonymous with having the best cutting experience. This is why you must choose a blade that is most suitable for your lawn mower. Different types of blade fit and work well for different lawn mowers. So, ensure that you thoroughly check if the blade will work perfectly alongside your mower.

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Check customer's review online

If you are going to order your mower blade online, you need to check through customer reviews. This will go a long way in helping you to choose the best blade for your mower. Customers who have used the same model of the blade would have left reviews under the product. This will enable you to make the best decision when you are buying the same or similar model.

Read the user manual before using

The user manual provides every information you need about the blade. Hence, reading the guide would enlighten you about the nature and other important features of the blade.


A quality blade gives the best mowing result and also lasts longer.  You must always consider choosing a known brand of blade when you get to the market.

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Lawn mower owners are usually concerned about the working condition of their blades. If anything happens to the blade, there's no other way to achieve a perfect grass cutting or lawn mowing. If you want to continually achieve the best cutting experience, the blade must be sharpened once in a couple of months. However, if there is a bend, nick or any other noticeable dent on your blade, it must be replaced before the next mowing. If proper care is not taken, a damaged blade can injure you while mowing. It is also dangerous to the lawn mower itself. After every mowing session, endeavor to inspect the tip of your blade and ensure it's in perfect condition. If the tip becomes torn or ragged, the blade cannot be used again. Hence, it must be replaced, except you want to take some risks and that is not advisable. After mowing the grass, take some time to inspect the work done. If you notice some uneven or ragged cut, replace the blade immediately.

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Replacing a damaged or dull mower blade isn't such a huge task. In fact, it's pretty easier to do than it appears to many. When you do it yourself, you don't only add to your knowledge but also save yourself some money.

Although, the most practical way of replacing a lawn mower blade can be found in the user guide. The necessary steps to take when replacing a mower blade are listed below:

  • The first thing to do is to disconnect the spark plug cable.
  • Ensure the fuel tank is empty. This is to ensure the mower is light enough to work on. It is also a preventive measure against spillage of fuel on sensitive parts of the mower.
  • Depending on the model, it is advisable to tilt, lift or tip the lawn mower over its handle. This is to ensure that fuel does not spill on the carburetor.
  • If you are using a riding mower, use a jack or lift, as recommended by the maker of the brand.
  • To loosen the bolt, endeavor to use a good socket wrench, but ensure you take note of the initial position of the blade.
  • Insert all washers or nuts as indicated.
  • Mount the new blade where the old one was removed.
  • Gently place the mower down on its wheel and observe for a while.  Wait for thirty minutes to allow the oil to trickle back to their initial position.
  • Check the head of the air filter and ensure that there is no fuel spillage on it.
  • Fill the tank with fuel and put the spark plug cable back to its position.
  • Test the mower on grasses and see if it works perfectly well.


To keep your environment beautiful and your lawn as low as possible, you need to have a sharp blade on your mower. A worn-out or dull blade is similar to using dull scissors, it will leave a dent on your work. However, getting the best lawn mower blade in the market can be quite difficult. If certain factors are taken into consideration, you will definitely buy the best from the market without having to stress yourself.