I took a few evenings to browse through several online catalogs and sales stores. I also asked a few neighbors who had beautiful lawns they had managed to mow themselves for the last few years. Putting my major considerations in mind, I was on the lookout for; self-propelled mowers with an engine that could deliver power at different speeds, rear-wheel-drive at least, a mulching and side discharge function, a bag for holding the clippings and deck size of at least 21 inches.

I felt if I could tick all or most of these boxes, I would have a lawnmower that could do the lawn and keep the grasses in the yard as low as I wanted. Fortunately for me, I finally settled for the Honda HRX217vka, a product described as a powerful machine that cuts and mulches so well with amazing speed. Undoubtedly one of the best Honda gas lawn mowers that you can use on your lawn.

Honda HRR216K9VKA Review - The Best Honda Lawn Mower?
A gasoline-powered lawn mower, also simply known as a gas mower, mainly gets its name from the built-in combustion engine, which is usually powered by diesel.

This lawnmower has a characteristic trademark of leaving smoothly and evenly cut grasses in its trail or the discharge bag (depends on your preference).

Interestingly, a few noteworthy features that I currently enjoy on the Honda HRX217vka include the following;

  • Rear Wheel Self Propulsion System: This feature comes with a variable drive mechanism that allows control of the drive system by using my thumb on a pressure-sensitive lever; the higher the pressure, the greater the propulsion. The angled handle is padded with a layer of foam to reduce the tensions, vibrations, and hand fatigue. It is right in the middle of the hand bar and can be adjusted as I deem fit. The real wheel support system also makes navigation in hilly terrain easier.
  • The MicroCut Twin Blade System: My yard can testify to the effectiveness of the special MicroCut blade, which comes with four different cutting surfaces rather than the usual two. These cutting surfaces allow the grasses to be cut into finer pieces. The MicroCut blade is primarily responsible for the superb mulching and cutting power, making the mowing less clumpy and makes my cleanup a lesser task than it should be.
  • Up to Seven Different Cutting Levels: With cutting heights ranging from ¾ inches to a maximum height of 4 inches, these heights are sure to mow any kind of grass. The only thing it requires is that you adjust the wheel height on both rear wheels.
  • Finest Honda GCV200 200cc 4-Cycle Engine: With the best power packed in this engine guarantees you of longer engine life, easier starts, and enough power to be delivered for cutting.

Well, the grasses in my yard now look like I laid a green carpet. The handles took a little time to get used to, but I got the hang of it after a few more uses. The Honda HRX217vka is the best thing that has mowed my lawn. I think you should try it too. It is a nine out of ten for me.

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