I have always been reluctant to mow my lawn, and this is because I make use of a gas-powered mower. My gas mower is super loud, noisy and very difficult to start. This made me abandon my lawn, and within months, my lawn evolved into a new ecosystem. I needed to act fast. I spoke to my boss about it, and he said I should try an electric lawnmower. He recommended the Black+Decker CM1640 lawnmower, and I decided to purchase it and use it on my lawn.

Good stuff
  • Light weight and high maneuverability
  • AutoSense Technology immediately adjusts power to grass thickness
  • 30-minute run time
Bad stuff
  • Doesn't have enough power
  • short battery life

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The Black+Decker CM1640 is a 16 inches electric lawn mower that delivers and works effectively and efficiently without the use of oil or gas. This mower is also cordless, thereby eliminating the inconvenience that is sometimes caused by a cord. This mower is the best option for small-sized yards and lawns that are not more than 1/8 of an acre.

This lawnmower has so many amazing features. Some of these features which I find really fantastic include:

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  1. Performance: Upon the arrival of this device, I laughed because I thought it looked like a toy, and it was powered by batteries. I realized I was wrong when I decided to test it on my lawn. I marveled when I saw how well this mower mowed my lawn. It was able to cut through the tall grasses in my lawn effectively. This mower has very high maneuverability and can go through tough terrain.
  2. AutoSense™ Technology: The Black+Decker CM1640 lawnmower makes use of this Technology in determining the thickness of the grass and also to make necessary power adjustments. The mower kicks into high power when in thicker grasses and goes back to lower power when in lighter grasses. These adjustments help in conserving the battery, so the runtime is extended.
  3. Other Features: The Black+Decker CM1640 makes use of removable 40V lithium-ion batteries. These batteries give a runtime of up to 30 minutes. This mower has a 16 inches compact deck, which makes it perfect for small-sized lawns. The handle of this mower can be easily folded for convenient and simple storage, especially in small spaces. The mower has a 9.5-gallon grass bag and soft fabric so that you can see how full the bag is. Like most lawnmowers, this mower comes with a two-year warranty.
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The Black+Decker CM1640 lawnmower is an amazing technology. I love the AutoSense™ Technology. It has handles that make it easy to carry or lift the mower. The height adjustment is also amazing, with 6 height adjustment settings. I can cut as low as 1.5 inches and as high as 3.5 inches.

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You would definitely love this mower, especially if you want to have a well-mowed lawn. CM1640 cuts grass evenly, and I’d give this one a 9.9 out of 10-star rating.