I needed a new mower for my lawn because the old one stopped functioning well. My lawn was beginning to so unkempt, and I needed to act really fast. I wanted to try an electric mower for the first time. I checked the internet and saw many, so I decided to read the customer reviews of each of these mowers. Some of these mowers had good reviews, while the others had bad reviews. However, something was spectacular about the Earthwise 50520 Lawn Mower. The Earthwise 50520 mower had no bad reviews. Almost everyone that got this mower had something good to say.

Good stuff
  • 20" cutting width with steel deck
  • No gas, no oil, no mess
  • Quiet and clean way to maintain your lawn
Bad stuff
  • Small

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I decided to get it to confirm if the reviews I saw online were real or fake. Interestingly, I have been using this mower for a very long time now, and I have so many good things to say about this mower. This mower is electrically powered, and as such, it does not require any oil, gas, spark plugs or oil filters. I have been able to maintain a well-mowed lawn without hassle since I got this mower.

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Here are some of the amazing features of this mower.

  1. Durable Wheels: The Earthwise 50520 lawnmower has ball bearing wheels. The front wheel is 7 inches, while the rear wheels are 9.5 inches. This difference is to ensure that the mower can move easily.
  2. V-Shaped Handle: This mower has a V-Shaped comfort handle that gives a more comfortable grip. It gives a soft feel and a cushion effect on the hand that makes mowing a lot easier. This handle is foldable for easy storage, and it has a safety key and a blade control button mounted on the handle.
  3. Power: This mower makes use of a 12 Amp engine to power the blade. Remember that this mower is a push and not a pull mower, and its primary job is to give a quick and efficient grass cut. The 12 Amp has a power that is sufficient enough to spin the blades. This lawnmower cuts both tall and thick grasses without any trouble.
  4. Height Adjustment: The Earthwise 50520 lawnmower has 7 height adjustment levels, and as such, you can choose any height from as low as 1.75 inches to as high as 4 inches. There is also a steer lever that has an ergonomic handle. It is important to note that the lever of this device is on the right rear wheel. This lever helps in controlling all the wheels to ensure that deck height is on the same level as the grass.
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The Earthwise 50520 lawnmower is a 3 in 1 mower, and it can be used to mulch for the side discharge and also to mow. I love this feature, and I would recommend it for small to medium-sized lawns. I would give this lawnmower a 5 out of 5-star rating because it is simply the best.