My mom started a little garden in our backyard when we moved in.  Three years later, the garden had become quite the whole yard, and keeping up with hand weeding was tasking and tiring. My mom was against mower as she felt that the fumes and oil would pollute her plants, and the noise would drive her crazy eventually.

Good stuff
  • 8-Amp motor
  • Large 14" cutting width
  • 2-in-1 side discharge
Bad stuff
  • Could have had a more powerful motor

Then it hit me that we could get an electric lawnmower. Yes! A corded device to do the job and still not pollute the environment. After going through some online stores and browsing for the mower that fit our exact needs, we decided on the Earthwise 50214.

It is an electrically powered lawn mower that is corded and designed, and it has an inbuilt dual function, which ensures that you efficiently handle both the side discharge and also mulching. My mom and I got this product to mow the garden, and it is just perfect for the task. It gives a great cut, especially for the mulching part. Using and maneuvering the Earthwise 50214 is very simple; you would love to mow your lawn with this equipment because it makes you complete the job at a faster rate.

It is the best option for small-sized gardens and yards. The product is not difficult to use, making it great for everyone, including people who may not have the skill to mow but would still love it if they can have they maintain an adequately manicured lawn with the Earthwise 50214.

Garden tending just got easier with this equipment, an awesome combination of environment-friendly and much quieter use than traditional lawnmowers. Even our neighbors love it.

Here are some fascinating features I think were simply incredible on the Earthwise 50214

  • Assembling the Product: The lawnmower wasn’t much trouble to the couple, a very straightforward process – just as listed in the manual.  Simply unboxing and attaching the handle and other parts took me probably 12 to 15 minutes from start to finish.
  • Awesome Size and Design: The compact size and cutting deck of 14 inches design of the product make it a must-have for easy maneuvering in small-sized yards and gardens. The Comfort V-Shaped Handle is designed so that you can quickly push or pull the mower. The Comfort V-Shaped Handle also has a cushion grip for comfort. I was impressed with the body design – it is made of high-grade solid plastic, and it does look like it will last for a decent length of time. It is compact and lightweight for easy transport and would fit nicely in small storage spaces.
  • 2-in-1 System: I found it quite impressive that this model provides two different cutting options (I can either mulch or side discharge with this mower) compared to several other basic corded electric mowers that only offer one cutting option. Mulching is a good option because it provides me with free fertilizer for your grass.
  • Height Adjustment: This is probably one of the most amazing features of this lawnmower. The height adjustments make the mowing experience so seamless. I am thrilled about such a simple functionality but I undeniably love the one-touch height adjustment system. The process is just so convenient and efficient. I can change the cutting height on all four wheels in just a second because it is easy to adjust and I’ve got seven different height settings to choose from – Ranging from the highest settings (4 inches)to manage the grass if it gets overgrown and also the shorter cut settings (11/2 inches)to give the lawn a nice clean finish.
  • Easy to Start: I love how easy electric mowers are to start in comparison to gas mowers. This Earthwise 50214 is not an exception to this. It starts with the simple turn of a switch. Easy start the first time, reliable start every time
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Earthwise 50214 Manual

If you already own this product but lost the manual, here you can download it in digital PDF format.

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Using this equipment was quite straight forward, assemble, plug in, and mow. Although the adjustable height function took a few uses to get figured out. The garden no longer looks ungroomed. The mower gives a very fine cut, and I must say it is totally worth the experience so far. I’d rate it a 9.5 out of 10.