What the world without humans look like?

Stories of dropping CO2 emissions, dolphins appearing in Italian canals, or monkeys taking over the streets of Thailand emerging around the world amid Coronavirus pandemic suggest that mother nature wouldn't have a hard time adapting to the new situation.

However, not all are as lucky.

City landscape and roadside flowers for example rely on regular watering and intensive human care and they're heavily affected by the ongoing public lockdown.

Picture we received from one of our readers, Giovanni Emilia, shows us an Italian riot control vehicle using its water cannon to water the roadside landscape during the government-imposed lockdown.

Photo by Giovanni for ColumbiaFlorist - License: Creative Commons. You can use this image on your site with proper attributions.

How to make sure your garden survives the lockdown?

Coronavirus, the greatest threat Europe has experienced since WW2 has locked millions of  Italians in their homes. Measures imposed by the government on March 12 were originally due to expire on March 25, however, it's likely to be extended as new reported cases rise by thousands every day. This very well could mean bad news for your outdoors garden.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said all shops, bars, restaurants and public places would be closed except supermarkets, food stores and chemists.

To avoid violating the lockdown and endangering the public health, but keep your outdoors flowers alive at the same time, the best course of action is to plant moisture holders under your flowers and plants. These products, also known as Soil Moist, stores water and releases it as the plant needs, ensuring a wet soil your flower needs for weeks.  

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