Getting a lawnmower for doing regular stuff like mowing your yard or keeping the lawn tidy requires a lot of considerations, especially if you are going to be the one handling the equipment. I wanted something that could do the regular mowing functions. The mulching, side discharge, and rear bag collection. It had to be self-propelled too. With a very strong engine and most of all, I wanted an extra icing on my lawnmower – the electric start function.

Good stuff
  • Electric start
  • Kohler 149cc/ 6.5 ft.-lbs. Gross Torque/ OHV Engine
  • 2-Point Height-of-Cut System
Bad stuff
  • Good engine, but bad design

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I wanted something that  I could push a button or turn a key to get started and not have to pass through the pulls for starts like on conventional gas engines. It took a week of pouring through several web pages and online stores before I finally made my choice – The Lawn Boy 17734. Built for innate convenience. I’ve been using my lawnmower for almost a year, and I think I can give you a few reasons why you should get this.

The package was delivered in one piece; it took less than seven minutes to get it to field ready, just a few checks to make sure it was all in the right place.  The equipment weighed a little above seventy pounds. Preferably recommended for not too wet or damp grasses to avoid clogging and clumping of the entire mowing process. Very ideal for mowing large spaces and dimensions greater than ¼ of an acre

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The best features of the Lawn Boy 17734 are;

  • Easy Starting: Seamless powering of the engine by the turn of a key. This convenience is quite unmatched when compared to other conventional lawnmowers in its category. Runs on gas but equipped with an electric start function (powered by a rechargeable battery). There is also a pull cord alternative should you experience some problems with the electric start function.
  • Rear Wheel Drive Function: The self-propulsion is a function of the wheel drive. It guarantees easier maneuvering under challenging terrains and soil conditions. Eleven-inch wheel both in the front and back makes gliding over grasses and slopes seem more relaxed requiring just a little effort.
  • 21 Inch Cutting Deck: This comes with the three effective cutting options; mulching, side discharge, and clip bagging.
  • 149cc Briggs and Stratton Engine: Oh, a three-year warranty on the 6.25 gross torque engine. It may seem a bit on the small side, but it does provide plenty of power to work an average-sized yard.
  • Adjustable Wheels and Height Functions: This function has two enabling levers- one in front and the other behind. Simply adjusting these levers in one motion makes the whatever preference you desire.

Lawn Boy 17734 Manual

Get the user's manual here for the Lawn Boy 17734 gas lawn mower here;

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I’ve found the Lawn-Boy 17734 ideal for average or smaller yards and lawns with flat or hilly terrain. The electric start function relies on the rechargeable battery; I tried to avoid the battery running dead before I found out. It was well over six months before I ever used the pull cord option, solely out of curiosity.


If convenience and effectiveness are what you need? Then, this is what you should go for. It is a ten out of ten for me.