Last Updated: 2 / 4 / 2023

My wife and I recently decided to start mowing the grass in the yard so it could be a nice-looking playground for the kids. The grasses had grown so tough and stubborn, and it was looking like an arduous task that required a lawnmower. But we didn't have a lawnmower at the time, and we needed to buy one before the autumn season arrived. We browsed through a few stores and checked some lawn mowers online. We finally settled for the Poulan pro PR675AWD.

Good stuff
  • Kohler XT675 Series engine
  • Easy-pull technology
  • 3-in-1 deck design
Bad stuff
  • Some owners report damaged box issues

A very powerful four-wheel-drive Lawnmower. It is equipped with some amazing features like its self-propelled engine and Smart Choke TM.  With a total weight of eighty-one pounds - I'd describe it as the lawnmower that makes mowing easier for me.

This gas powered lawn mower is powerful equipment designed for cutting and trimming the grasses on any property. Whether the terrain is hilly or your topography is characterized by even grounds, the Poulan pro PR675AWD will groom the grasses irrespective.

My wife and I bought the Poulan pro PR675AWD initially for cutting the grass in the yard and mowing the lawn. The good thing is that the mower has adjustable settings and is also perfect for trimming fences and shrubs of different heights.

Several amazing features on the Poulan pro PR675AWD that makes it worth it include

  • Smart-Choke & Autochoke; This feature is an effective mechanism for the easy starting of the engine; it keeps the system safe with no-prime starts and reduces flooding in the system to a minimum.
  • Easy-Pull; This feature allows easy and effortless pull starts of the lawnmower. It makes the engine start stress-free.
  • Engine Designed to have High-Performance: With Easy-Pull™ and Smart-Choke™ technology, the engine is equipped with the Kohler XT675 Series, and this facilitates no-prime and no-fuss starts. The steady power while mowing is delivered by the Consistent-Cut™ technology.
  • Consistent-Cut technology: This feature helps ensure steady power delivery when mowing.
  • 21inch CleanScape deck: this feature creates exceptional airflow and lifts for fine mulching, incomparable cut quality, and expert results.

These amazing features make the Poulan pro PR675AWD worthy equipment to possess.

The mower came in a sturdy package without any damage and was very simple to put together - only took less than 6- minutes to fold the handles up, fill it with gas and add the oil - pretty simple. Easy to pull too, almost stunning that it started on very first pull out of the box. I mowed waist-high grass on 25% incline - first mow.

Poulan pro gas lawn mower review

The first use was not bad at all; it was quite impressive if I must say. One very intriguing thing was its ability to climb the rough, steep slope, even in such extreme cases with a full bag while cutting the high waste grass, the mower kept going till the grasses all had a new cut.

The propulsion speed wasn't so hard to figure out; found out after two uses that it could be adjusted by simply squeezing the handle. How much you squeeze the handle determines how much power goes into propulsion. Propulsion speed goes as fast as three miles per hour, and the 21inch blade offers so much more than cutting tough grasses, shrubs, and fences were not spared in the mowing and trimming.

The water hose connection allowed the grasses and the dirt to be rinsed off easily and without much stress.

Nevertheless, the Poulan pro PR675AWD is built to take on difficult mowing jobs even with an engine this size. However, the noise level can be a little on the high side, which is not uncommon when using gas-powered lawnmowers. The water hose connection allowed the grasses and the dirt to be rinsed off easily and without much stress.

The grasses in the yard are well-trimmed, and there is enough play space for the kids – in and out of seasons. Funny how single equipment could make the property look so much better.


I feel the lawnmower was worth every dollar we paid for it. The quality of the package after unboxing and its performance out on the lawn – pretty impressive.

I'd give the Poulan Pro PR675AWD a full five-star rating.