Last Updated: 15 / 3 / 2023

Today we are looking at a pretty affordable lawn mower called Sun Joe MJ401E electric mower.

Good stuff
  • Adjustable deck
  • Steel cutting blades
  • 3-position Height control
Bad stuff
  • Fragile mower bag
  • Small bag

If you're tired of borrowing your neighbor's lawn mower and you want your very own mower, look no further than steel blade sun joe electric mower with convenient disposal.

When I was cruising the internet, looking to get our first mower for ColumbiaFlorist, I came across this Sun Joe MJ401E 14inch, 12amp electric corded lawn mower with a grass catcher bag. What immediately caught my attention was that it was great for tight spaces and has easy height adjustment, not to mention the price tag on this thing. I thought to myself, I have to take a look at this!

After a bit more research in the market, I've decided to order it. See what its all about, or have I just wasted my money?

SPOILER: It's worth every penny!

When you take it out of the box, and start pushing it around a little bit, the first thing you notice is, it reminds you one of those plastic lawn mowing toys you buy for your 5-year-old. It is incredibly lightweight! In fact, we've reviewed more than 17 lawn mowers so far, and it is the lightest lawn mower in our best electric lawn mowers list!

However, this corded electric lawn mower definitely is very durable despite its toy-like plastic look.

Disposal of grass clippings is very easy. It's got a big grass catcher in the bag, and it just pops on and off. So it is very easy to get around.

Most electric motor lawn mowers these days start with a pull lever push button. MJ401E Mow Joe is no exception. Fortunately, we don't have to deal with the pull cord some gas mowers deploy to start our device. It doesn't require battery power equipment either, but you'll need an outdoor power outlet because its corded.

This one also has a cord holder to keep the cable organized which also makes it very easy to maneuver, so you don't accidentally run over it while mowing. You could also release the cord with a push of a button as well.

The hard-top rear bag conveniently comes out and goes back in very smoothly. But you could chose to leave the grass clippings on the ground since its a good mulching option.

Its 14-inch blade probably would be its most durable part. You can easily adjust the wheels by using its push/pull lever, which allows you to cut your grass at different heights. You could easily adjust the cutting height using the adjustable lever arms right next to tires. I never really did it because, to be honest, I didn't want to break or bust anything before I even mowed my lawn.

Sun Joe Mow Joe Sound Level

Carbon emission free, no gas, no oil! This probably has to be one of the most silent mowers out there in its vertical. Of course, it's not quiet like a Husqvarna Robot Mower which you can run even at nigh but it's significantly more silent than any gas or other electric mowers, I've recorded a short bit for you guys, here's how it sounds:

Officially it's 92 decibels. However, my phone recorded 89dB.

Where are Sun Joe mowers are made?

Sun Joe products are designed in New Jersey and made in China.

Overall, it is a pretty, sleek-looking unit. Like I said, despite its toy-like quality, I do like the way it looks.

Sun joe vs Ryobi electric lawn mower

Sun joe and Ryobi are two products in 2 different categories. While Sun Joe MJ401E is a corded electric mower, Ryobi is a 20 inch cordless mower powered by 40-Volt lithium ion batteries. Other than that two products are similar in working, function and features while Ryobi is a bit more expensive and has a better build quality.

Sun Joe MJ401E Manual

If you already own this Sun Joe lawn mower and looking for the manual, get it down below.

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