Last updated: 23 / 1 / 2023

‌‌Dogs, just like us, love a cool pool on hot summer days. Your dog swimming in the pool is one way to cool him during the hot days of winter. A lot of dogs enjoy having a pool to themselves to play in. Even dogs that hate the water love the idea of having a place where he can cool down on hot days.

Best Overall: Coleman Power Steel Deluxe Series 18’ x 48” on Amazon

Kick off the summer with an above ground pool in your backyard, ready to swim and splash the day away! This 18' x 48" Coleman Power Steel Above Ground Pool is easy to set up and built to last.

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Beat the heat in this Summer Waves Elite Frame Pool. Equipped with a powerful GFCI skimmer filter system, cover and step ladder, this stylish pool with mosaic print has everything you need for endless fun.

Best rectangular: Intex 18ft X 9ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set on Amazon

The Intex 18Ft x 52In Steel Frame Above Ground  Pool Set is engineered for strength and to help you beat the heat all  summer long for ages 6 and up.

Best budget: Power Steel 16' x 48" Frame Pool Set on Amazon

The Bestway 16ft Power Steel Pro Frame Pool is perfect for cooling down and chilling out during scorching summer months.

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Dogs shouldn't be forced into pools. Rather they should want to get in on their own free will to avoid an accident. Having steps instead of a ladder that go into the water in your pool, is a very pet-friendly or pet-safe idea. The steps should be one that's wide enough for your dog to walk on.

Note that it is sometimes hard for your dog to walk down the steps so you'd have to help him out till he figures it out himself.

Sharkline Venture

Sharkline Excursion is a typical example of a luxury above-ground pool. It is a low-profile pool that can be used as wraparound decks and semi-inground pools and not only as an above-ground pool. For those looking for a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient pool, I'd love to inform you that this pool is saltwater compatible.

The Excursion features an all-aluminum slat pool wall that is 54 inches high. It was also constructed with all aluminum components making it guaranteed to last you through years of rigorous use — about 60 years or more, depending on how well you maintain it. In short, if this pool is truly well maintained, it can last for a lifetime. The pool's top ledge is 7 inches and its upright, 6 inches. This gives room for extra stability and safety.

Sharkline Matrix

Sharkline Matrix is one of the finest above-ground pools in the market. This pool has quite a beautiful contemporary style that combines high-tech materials. It has a very easy and snap-fit installation process perfect for a DIY project. Its easy assembling and installation process gets rid of the need for metal fasteners and tools. It is a resin pool made from improvements done on a traditional steel wall pool.

The extra 8 inches wide injection molded true-round top rail of the matrix is fatter than the cheap and extruded ones. The true-round shape given by the true-round rail helps give your pool a graceful look and also eliminates the stop sign appearance and traditional straight-edge top rails features.

Matrix has a strong 54 inches tall steel wall coated with a patented Star Galfin galvanization technology. The coating process of this pool is 7 layered and it includes zinc and aluminum undercoats topped by a baked-on finish that completely seals the pool's wall off from chemicals. It has an incredible 60 years warranty. It comes in different sizes and in two shapes — round and oval. The matrix has kits and each of these kits comes with a liner, ladder, pump and filter, pool covers, and many more.

Is It Safe to Let My Dog Swim in the Pool?

It is safe to let your dog swim in the pool if he actually knows how to swim. Not all dogs can swim naturally so to avoid a "had I known" scenario, wear your dog a life vest. You must ensure you supervise your dog to prevent drowning since even the most experienced swimmers drown. You shouldn't by any means force your dog to swim but let him get in when he is comfortable.

In order to get your dog to swim, you can lure him to the pool's steps and let him figure out a way to get in or you can as well lure him in by throwing one of his toys in the water. Once he is comfortable with the idea of swimming in the pool, he'll get in.

Short swimming sessions are harmless to your dog, but when he is exposed to too many chemicals in the pool, it can lead to irritation of their eyes, skin, and coat. This is taken as a very serious issue when your pool is chemically imbalanced or when your dog stays in for too long. Hosing your dog once he gets out with fresh water is the best way to prevent irritation as all residues would be rinsed away.

Some dogs usually enjoy being in the pool but panics when they want to come out. Ensure you guide your dog to the pool steps or the tanning ledge as it is hard for them to locate the steps and ledgers. Your dog would easily be able to leave the pool if you have a special pool ramp installed on your pool.

Can dog hair ruin the pool pump?

There is a popular theory that says a do is equivalent to about 20 people but it hasn't been proven. The hair and dander from dogs are harder in a pool's filter system but it can't cause any serious damage if it is properly maintained. If you have a cartridge filter, letting your dog in your pool will mean that you'll have to clean the filter element frequently. If it's a sand filter you use, then you'd need to backwash it more often. Properly chlorinating your pool can help as well. You can use a chlorine generator for that instead of constantly testing and adjusting the pH when need be. The use of a skimmer shock is another way to remove dog hair from your pool before it goes through the pool's system. It helps cut down the clog and clean time of your filter.

How to stop dogs from drinking pool water?

In order to learn how to stop your dog from drinking pool water, you'll need to learn how to take care of your dog.

The first thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water would be to ensure that your pool's area is well-ventilated or that your pool is situated in a place with a warm temperature. This is done so that your dog never experiences cold weather and would never settle for drinking pool water.

The second thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water is to buy a pool filter or even a regulation filter. The filter would be placed at the bottom of the pool and the tap will function like a filter making sure there is a constant flow of water in the filter at all times. If for any reason you can't afford to buy a filter, there are other options you can try out. You can use peristaltic pumps in circulating the water through the filter and you won't need to clean the filter often. You can as well purchase pool supplies from a pet store or even from online retailers, so you can place them on the pool. This way, your pool can be kept clean at all times. You can even get vacuums from pet stores.

The third thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water is to make sure the place the pool is located is not dry. This will help ensure that air does not become stagnant in the filter. When this occurs, the filter would slowly brings the pool water to the right temperature. Growing plants around your pool area help maintain a balance between all-natural elements.

Another thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water is by purchasing a filter you can place near your dog. This is so the filter can work better and so your dog would have the right oxygen balance.

Finally, you make it happen by making sure your dog has something that's not distilled to drink. The reason for this is that you probably use distilled water to clean your filter and also full this water in the filter. Your filter should be replaced whenever it begins to run out of water. Using bottled water is a good alternative for using distilled water. The filter can fill up a can of soda and this makes it a good way to keep your dog hydrated.

You would notice that there are several ways to stop your dog from drinking from the pool but the easiest of them all is cleaning your filter at all times.

Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs?

When a pool is properly maintained, the chlorine levels would be relatively low making it harmless if your dog drinks from the pool. Even saltwater pools have a percentage of chlorine in them but it is lower than the traditional chlorine pools. However, if chlorine and saltwater are both consumed in excess, it can affect your dog.

Drinking excess amounts of chlorinated water from your pool can cause dog irritation in his gastrointestinal tract and that can lead to nausea, vomiting, and erosion of chlorine in the esophagus. If the chlorine balance is not ideal, the risks would be greater than the above-mentioned.

Improperly treated pool water contains different microorganisms like bacteria, algae, fungi, and parasites. When your dog ingests, inhales, or gets in contact with the skin and mucous membranes of those microorganisms, it can terribly affect your dog.

In summary, occasional drinking of pool water would not cause harm in any way to your dog as humans sometimes drink small amounts of pool water and they rarely experience any problem. However, you shouldn't let your dog turn the pool to his primary drinking bowl. This can be curbed by keeping enough fresh and cool water near your pool so your dog can drink from it once he is out.

What is the best type of pool for my dog?

The best type of pool for your dog is the Fibreglass pool. They can be made to be in-ground and above-ground.

Fiberglass pools are perfect for pets especially your dogs since most dogs love to scratch. They come in different planters styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. They are also very easy to install. With this type of pool, your dog would not be able to tear or puncture the strong and durable Gelcoat and it won't hurt the dog's joints too. The fiberglass pool's Gelcoat lifespan varies by manufacturer and also the quality of the pool. Although, you can be sure that a high-quality Gelcoat will last for about 20 years or more. Fiberglass pool surfaces need very little maintenance since you wouldn't need acid washing, algae resistance, etc. They can last for years provided the chemistry of the pool water is properly managed.

How to Choose the Best Above-Ground Pool for your Dog

When choosing an above-ground pool for your dog, there are two things you should take into consideration:

  • Shallow area for them to stand in.
  • Where to get in and out of the pool.

Shallow area for them to stand in

Pets love shallow areas where they can comfortably stand up. Places where they can hang out to relax and swim into the deeper water and back whenever they deem fit.

Pools that have a tanning ledge or shelf are also perfect for your dog. The tanning shelf or Baja ledge feature is a part of a pool that holds 8-12 inches of water.

We have made your decision in purchasing an above-ground pool for your dog a whole lot easier. If you found this review useful, please leave a comment in the comments section and also share it with your friends and whoever you think this article would be helpful to.