It’s a great feeling to have quick access to a swimming pool in the compound. Especially during the summer, there is always the need to swim in order to cool off or relax. If you are considering the fact that in-ground pools are expensive, and you have decided to buy above-ground pools to save some dollars.  That’s absolutely the right decision to make, but again, you think your backyard is small.

Our top picks

Best Overall: Coleman Power Steel Deluxe Series 18’ x 48” on Amazon

Kick off the summer with an above-ground pool in your backyard, ready to swim and splash the day away! This 18' x 48" Coleman Power Steel Above Ground Pool is easy to set up and built to last.

With filter pump: SUMMER WAVES 14ft Elite Frame Pool with Filter Pump, Cover, and Ladder on Amazon

Beat the heat in this Summer Waves Elite Frame Pool. Equipped with a powerful GFCI skimmer filter system, cover, and step ladder, this stylish pool with mosaic print has everything you need for endless fun.

Best rectangular: Intex 18ft X 9ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set on Amazon

The Intex 18Ft x 52In Steel Frame Above Ground  Pool Set is engineered for strength and to help you beat the heat all summer long for ages 6 and up.

Best budget: Power Steel 16' x 48" Frame Pool Set on Amazon

The Bestway 16ft Power Steel Pro Frame Pool is perfect for cooling down and chilling out during scorching summer months.

What are the best above-ground swimming pools for my small backyard?


Here is one of the best above-ground pools you can buy without regret. The Weekender is specifically designed for small backyards or whoever wants a small swimming pool. The best part is that this above-ground pool comes with all the necessary accessories and it has a reasonable price tag.

The above-ground pool features;

  • Steel uprights and top rails
  • Round shape
  • 48-inches wall of the corrosion-resistant coating
  • Complete kits
  • Sturdy vinyl liner
  • The powerful bottom rail
  • Stylish design
  • 20-year limited warranty
  • Easy to install and maintain

Lomart Montessa

Lomart Montessa is another above-ground pool you can trust to fit your small backyard. Similar to Weekender, it will fit any backyard, especially your small backyard. This will be the right choice for you to make. Without spending so many dollars, you will get this with its fantastic features.

The following are its features;

  • Available in round and oval shapes
  • Highly durable
  • Stylish design
  • Steel uprights and top rails
  • Trim-line space saver
  • Tru-Lock wall closures
  • Poly-Lam coated
  • Rugged coated 6 inches’ steel supports
  • 52-inches steel walls with baked enamel
  • 25-year warranty
  • Easy to maintain

Sharkline Venture

Sharkline Venture is also another above-ground pool that offers you a portable size for your small backyard. With this pool, you will enjoy a worthwhile swimming experience. The pool has a good price with tons of cool features. This is one of the best above-ground pools that will offer you value for your money.

Features of sharkline venture are;

  • Available in 52 and 54-inches high galvanized steel walls
  • Available in round and oval shapes
  • Classy design
  • Hybrid swimming pool
  • 7-inches resin top rails
  • 5-1/2 steel uprights
  • Injection-molded resin top and bottom resin
  • Soft-touch rails
  • 50-years warranty
  • Interlocking stabilizer rails
  • Easy to maintain


In this case, if you are in search of an above-ground pool that will fit your small backyard; then, look no further. In this article, you will be guided thoroughly on the best and how to choose the perfect above-ground pools for your small backyards.

Here are some right answers to your questions concerning choosing the best above-ground pools for small backyards;

What is the smallest above ground pool?

You may like to know the smallest size of the above-ground pool, before buying it for your small backyard. Here you go!

Even though the in-ground pool has an abundance of options, above-ground pools, also have plenty of options for you. Talking of these options, they are the standard shapes and sizes they feature.  Most of the above-ground pools usually feature oval, round, and rectangular shapes.

The oval shape above ground pools has a standard size of width 12-16 feet and a long size of 16-32 feet.  As for the round above-ground pools, they are the most popular with a standard size too. They are usually wide from 10-33 feet and then long from 30-54 inches. The rectangular above-ground pools are generally wide from 12-16 feet and then long from 20-32 feet.

From this analysis, it's evident that above-ground pools are not perfect for diving. This is because they don’t have adequate wideness or height that can make you dive in safely.

But, because you don't have a big backyard, this small size of an above-ground pool is perfect for you. Likewise, don’t forget that it will save you some money.

In a nutshell, the smallest size of the above-ground pool that you can find in the market is around 12 feet of measurement. The rectangle above-ground pools are a bit suitable for sport swimming, and the smallest of them is 12-16 feet while the oval pools feature 12-16 feet standard size.

What is the deepest above-ground pool?

Another brilliant factor to consider is how deep you can go in your above-ground pool. Now let’s see;

When it comes to measuring the deepness of pools, either in-ground or above-ground pools, they all have variations. Well, when it comes to the above-ground pools’ deepness option, they have standards that can guide you when shopping. The standard measurement of above-ground pool depth is; 48-inches, 52 inches, and 54 inches or by 6 feet of the wall height.

If you desire any pool that is above 6 feet in height, then you will have no choice but to get an in-ground pool or expandable liner. This is because the waterline of the standard above-ground pool stays around 6 feet beneath the wall top. Likewise, when you consider the amount of water that will get wasted from splashing, definitely it will be lower. Although this is enough for anybody, some people would prefer something more. The best way to solve that is to search for above-ground pools that feature, depth, and width that are similar to the in-ground pools. But because you specifically need a pool for your small backyard, that is not an option for you.

In summary, the deepest above-ground pool you can buy is 6 feet, but you can support it with an expandable liner if you desire it. These expandable liners are available in different sizes, and the largest can add an extra 12 inches to the pool.

How long do the above ground pools last?

You do have to know the durability of what you are investing in, to know if it is worth the price. Well, let’s see how long you can use your above-ground pool.

Usually, an above-ground pool can last for about 10 to 25 years before the structures will start getting damaged. But as for the above-ground pool liners, by the time they clock 8 to 15 years, they might get damaged and need replacement.

In summary, if you can maintain the above-ground pool very well, you may likely have to use it longer than the estimated years. Asides, in-ground pools last for about 20 years and above, depending on the type. Therefore, the longevity of the above-ground pool is fair.

Can an above-ground pool look nice?

Often, many people in your shoe ask these questions. Because you have a small backyard and you are also going for an above-ground pool. Well, that doesn’t mean that your pool has to look ugly. It all depends on you, though.

If you don’t mind fixing your pool and leaving it that way, it’s all yours and your decision. But if you want your pool to look beautiful and friendly, there are some things you should do to achieve that.  You don’t even have to burn a hole in your pocket with these simple ideas that will make your above-ground pool look nice.

Now, you would like to know what those simple ideas are, and that will lead us to answer the next question on your mind;

What you should put around your above ground pool

There are a bunch of things you can put around your above-ground pool to make it look classic, modern, adorable, and lovely. When you put things around your pool to make it look appealing, you and your loved ones will always love to make use of it. Asides, this will not make it feel less like a regular swimming pool.

Despite the fact that your backyard is small; you can add the following things around your above-ground pool for a better swimming experience.

  • Potted plants

You can place some potted plants around the bottom sides of the above-ground pool. This makes the pool blend with the backyard and has a better pool appearance.

  • Portable cushion

When you place a portable cushion close to the above-ground pools, it won't occupy much space, and you can relax on it. Likewise, they can serve as easy and quick access to the water. It’s much better to use a waterproof cushion—pool chairs are in the stores, offline, or online.

  • Pool table

If you don’t have all the space for cushioning, then you can put a table close to the above-ground pool. This table will serve as a coffee table or poolside bar. It’s much better to use a table that has the same height as the above-ground pool so that you will access your towel, drink, and others quickly and conveniently.

  • Pavers or concrete

Pavers are one of the best things to put around your above-ground pools, which will give it a perfect look. It will not only look beautiful, but it will also look like an in-ground pool. Likewise, concrete patios are also reliable for the task. These two options are easy to maintain, and they are both durable.

You can select them based on their colors, styles, and designs. Whichever one you choose will surely fit your pool and add to the beauty of your small backyard.

  • Stones

There are some beautiful stones that you can put around your above-ground pool, such as river jacks, pure red landscape stones, and more. Apart from beautifying your above-ground pool, these stones also protect your pool from getting damaged soon. For you to be on the safer side, it will be better to pour these stones a little distance away from the pool. Also, to avoid slipping when you are getting into the pool; stones are a better way of creating safety.

If you are not satisfied with all these options, you can search for more or think of anything that appeals to you. The most crucial thing is that you are putting anything that will make your pool beautiful without consuming all the space in your small backyard.

How to choose

After all that has been said, you may still be asking if there are no other factors you should know before acquiring an above-ground pool. Of course, there are so many factors we have not mentioned, and we will be doing that in this section.

  • Price

Already, you must have a budget for the above-ground pool you want to purchase, which you must be ready to use as a guide.

As said earlier, above-ground pools are cheaper than in-ground pools, and probably that's why you are considering it. Fine! Your budget should be in the range of $100 to $5000. This depends on some factors, including the size of the pool you are buying.

  • Type

Here, we are talking about the type of above-ground pool you want. Is it steel pools, aluminum pools, or resin pools?

If you do like to buy a steel pool, then ensure it's the one that has a galvanizing coating on it, because it's more durable. If the aluminum pool is what you like, or resin, they are both durable too. Just find out the pros and cons of each of them before buying.

  • Installation and maintenance

Know that an inflatable pool is pretty easier to clean and maintain since you can drain, deflate and inflate it effortlessly. Therefore, check the product description of anyone you are going to know if it comes with the necessary materials or if you will buy more. Also, check for the ease of installation, to see if you can install it or if you will need an expert.

  • Safety

This is the most critical factor, especially if you have little ones around you. Because this will be in your compound, you can't jeopardize their safety. Ensure you place some safety measures around the pool that will make it uncomfortable for the kids to get into the pool without an adult’s support. For instance, a fence or a ladder that will always be taken away after swimming; are perfect safety measures.

This article has extensively explored the best above-ground pools that you can install in your small backyard. Likewise, we have answered all the questions that you might have concerning the best above-ground pools for small backyards.

Feel free to purchase any one of the best above-ground pools we have reviewed in this article and enjoy swimming in your small backyard.