‌‌Would you like to treat your family to some fun pool time in your very own backyard? Would you like to get rid of the stress or hassle that comes with installing an in-ground pool?

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Best rectangular: Intex 18ft X 9ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set on Amazon

The Intex 18Ft x 52In Steel Frame Above Ground  Pool Set is engineered for strength and to help you beat the heat all  summer long for ages 6 and up.

Best budget: Power Steel 16' x 48" Frame Pool Set on Amazon

The Bestway 16ft Power Steel Pro Frame Pool is perfect for cooling down and chilling out during scorching summer months.

‌An above-ground pool is your best option.‌‌

There are a lot of above-ground pools that can give you a chance to enjoy all of that on the market. The only issue is picking the right one, one with great quality. This article was made to help you in looking for the right pool for you and your family.

‌What is Above Ground Pool?

Above-ground pools are considered as temporary additions to a backyard no matter the amount of money and time you spent in incorporating it to your outdoor deck or living space, and landscape. You might observe that it detracts from your yard's overall aesthetic when you decide to sell your house but it's actually easy to remove from your property compared to an in-ground pool.

An above-ground pool typically comes in round or oval shape, but the size differs. The advantage is that you can start out by buying a small pool for your family and then get a bigger one as your family and budget grows.

Is it worth it to get an above-ground pool?


To families buying on a budget, above-ground pools are a great option and when brands like Sharkline, Lomart, Doughboy, or Celebration are picked, then you'd know that affordability doesn't mean that quality would be compromised. These high-quality pools would give you the chance to buy your dream pool that would last for a long time at a price that's acceptable to your family.

Speedy Installation

Above-ground pools are very fast to install. The installation time depends on factors like the state of your backyard, the style of your pool, and more. No matter what, above-ground pools are the fastest when it comes to installation time.

Varieties of Layouts to Choose From

Above-ground pools come in different sizes, shapes, and construction materials. This gives you the chance to be in control of your pool's look and layout. When there are more options to choose from, it simply means you'll have more flexibility with your budget and space.


It is an unspoken law that every pool should be installed with safety features like 48 inches tall fence to help reduce accident rates. An above-ground pool is your solution when you're looking for a pool that's safe. Above-ground pools are safer because they have a high entry point, 52 or 54 inches. The high entry point lowers the risk of children accidentally falling in.

DIY Options are Available

For people that love to build things by themselves, above-ground pools give them the opportunity to install their pool on their own since it comes with a self-installation kit.

Easy Maintenance

Above-ground pools are easier to maintain because of their size and construction. They also need fewer chemicals and less costly upkeep and this helps save you both time and money.

How Many Years Does an Above-Ground Pool Last?

The average lifespan of an above-ground pool before the structure gives out is about 7-15 years. The liners of the pool last for about 5-9 years before they'll need replacement. This is actually perfect if your reason for installing the pool is for your kids since they'll later move out to the university or probably have an independent lifestyle. The lifespan of an above-ground pool is totally dependent on several factors and the first one being maintenance.

Are Above Ground Pools Safe for Children?

Above-ground pools are safe for children if everyone follows the rules. Pools are a great responsibility.

Pools are very beneficial to children. It is not only fun to swim but also good exercise. Pools are a great scene for a perfect, quality family bonding time, and also a good playtime with friends.

When your child is in the pool, you must always:

  • Stay by him or have an adult supervise him even if you think your child is a great swimmer.
  • Set an example for your children to follow so they'd know how to behave when they're in the pool.
  • Inform your child to let you or an adult know when he has a problem.
  • Ensure your child doesn't dive into the shallow part of the pool to avoid getting hurt.

You can also decide to get an in-the-water pool alarm so you'd be aware when your child tries to be stubborn and jumps into the pool with no supervision.

Should I Cover my Above Ground Pool?

You should always properly cover your above-ground pool once the summer is about to end. That way you can protect it from debris as well as the harsh winter weather. Covering your pool would help reduce the time and money you'll have to spend when you want to open the pool in spring. Covering the pool would help eliminate extra costs you'd likely spend on electrical and chemical bills. It would also help to avoid possible damage that occurs when your equipment and plumbing freeze up.

Here are the possible things that can happen if you don't cover your above-ground pool:

  • If the skimmers of your above-ground pool are not properly winterized or you don't use an air pillow to protect or cover it up, it would crumple like tin cans.
  • Heater's too can also get damaged. Heaters are usually made of cast iron and polymers and those types of heater headers are the first to snap when suddenly frozen.
  • The pump could as well get damaged. Pumps getting damaged is not a serious problem since PVC pipes and connectors are not expensive and can easily be replaced.
  • The pipes are also at risk. In fact, they're usually the first to get damaged. If there are even a few drops of water in your pool' plumbing pipes, the water would freeze up and end up expanding. This freeze is enough to crack your pipes, pumps, and all other parts of your pool that have water in it.

In short, not closing your above-ground pool would make it fall apart.

When is the Best Time to Buy an Above Ground Pool?

There's no specific best time to buy an above-ground pool, anytime is a good time. Of course, spring and summer are the seasons most people deem as the right time. The warmth and sunshine are what push you to think about an above-ground pool in your backyard.

There are tons of reasons why some shops that sell pools and pool supplies, especially those that ship to different countries, open all year round, One of it being that ground conditions differ across a country at different times of the year. Some ground conditions in a country are the firmest and driest depending on terrain and weather patterns. When the ground is firmer and drier, pool installation would be lost faster and cleaner and there'd be less property disruption and less landscape restoration required when it's done.

Best Above Ground Pools for your Family

Here are the best above-ground pools for your family:

Sharkline Excursion

The Sharkline Excursion is a luxurious above-ground pool. It is a low-profile pool that can be used as both a wraparound deck and a semi-inground pool, and not only as an above-ground pool. This is the best above-ground pool option for those in need of a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient pool since it is saltwater compatible.

The excursion is an all-aluminum slat pool with a pool wall that's 54 inches. All of its components are constructed with or made up of aluminum making it guaranteed to last you through years of rigorous use — about 60 years or more, depending on how well you maintain it. In short, if this pool is truly well maintained, it can last for a lifetime. This pool features a 6 inches thick upright and a 7 inches top ledge that helps provide extra strength and stability needed for years of reliable service.

Sharkline Reprieve

The Sharkline Reprieve Above Ground Pool is a high-quality, affordable pool made of steel. It is an all-steel construction that shows great durability and strength ensuring the long life of this pool. This pool is capable of turning your outdoor living space into a place you can enjoy during the summer. It uses both subtle curves and smooth lines to help complement the decoration in your backyard. It is also a perfect place to spend quality time with your children or for relaxing in the sun.

The Reprieve is a great entry-level above-ground pool. It provides a lot of premium features but remains affordable. It comes in 48 and 52 inches deep walls made from galvanized steel that help keep it corrosion-resistant and still look finished with an attractive taupe to match the decoration of your backyard. It features a 4½ inches thick upright and a 6 inches top rail that helps provide the strength needed for years of reliable service. Reprieve oval pools are usually strengthened by a buttress system. To allow you to buy with confidence, the Reprieve is manufactured right here in the United States by Sharkline pools, a company that manufactures the highest quality pools.

How to Choose the Best Above Ground Pool for your Family?

Measure your Space for your Pool

The first step to take is to measure the area you plan on installing your pool. That way, you can have an idea of the space you'll have to work with. You'll need to take note of things like, where you'll have to situate your pump and filter, deck or ladder, and your other pool accessories. If you want an elongated pool and your space isn't enough, you'd have to pay a little extra for a buttress-free model.

Choose a Pool Type

Choosing the type of pool is another way to choose the best above-ground pool for your family. There are some types of pools that can only stay up during swim season and must be taken down and stored away during winter. Although those types of pools are durable, they can't last as long as a high-quality, permanent above-ground pool would.

Permanent above-ground pools include steel, resin, or aluminum pools. They can last up to 30 years or more and this also depends on your pool's quality, and how well you maintain it. Steel pools are the least expensive from the list of pool types and they feature different coatings that help protect against the weather and chemical corrosion. Resin pools have frames that were made from plastic resins that are tough and corrosion-proof. Aluminum pools are the most expensive of them but they are usually 100% corrosion-resistant.

Determine the Wall Height of the Pool of your Choice

The walls of above-ground pools are available in different height models — For example, 42 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches, and 54 inches. The pool wall's height determines how deep the water in your pool can be. Manufacturers always advise that pools are filled to within 6-4 inches of the top of its wall. If you have children, this is something you should really consider since they can get intimidated by water.

Pick a Size and Shape

Above ground, pools are normally round or oval in shape but there are some new models that are available in a rectangular shape. Note that both oval and rectangular-shaped pools need extra support that you'd have to figure into the total space you have available.

Select Equipments and Accessories

Another step is to figure out the type of filter, pool ladder, and vacuum system you need and also to determine if you prefer a solar cover or a winter cover. Based on your preference and budget, there is a great range of pool equipment and accessories to choose from.

There are different above-ground pools for families available on the market but this article has made it easier to purchase the best one for you and your family. If you found this article useful, please leave a comment in the comments section and also share it with your friends and whoever you think this article would be helpful too.