I love mowing my lawn because nothing beats a home that has a beautiful and well-trimmed lawn. However, I was always reluctant to mow my lawn whenever I remember the noise produced by my lawn mower and also the complaints I received from my neighbors about my mower disturbing the entire environment. I had to find solutions and ways to make my lawn mower quieter.

Most lawnmowers are generally loud, and some produce noise as loud as 90dB, which is above the recommended level of noise for the ear. As much as it is possible to purchase a mower that produces less noise, not everybody can afford this luxury.

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Here are some of the methods I use to achieve this:

Start with the Muffler

Most mowers have a muffler that is usually installed on the exhaust. This muffler helps in channeling sound that is produced by the engine through a noise-canceling chamber. A crack in the gasket seal between the muffler and the exhaust can lead to poor or no cancellation of the noise produced. It is, therefore, important to check the muffler when you notice your mower is noisy. This can be done by;

  • Locating and removing the muffler from the exhaust to check for cracks and debris on the gasket.
  • Peeling of the debris from the gasket or replacing the gasket if there are cracks on it.
  • Pay attention to the dimension of the muffler you buy—shorter mufflers and generally noisier than longer mufflers.

Install an Engine Silencer

This is very helpful, especially with combustion engines. Engine silencers help in reducing the noise produced during combustion. There are two different types of engine silencer you can make use of; the reactive silencer, which is connected to the engine exhaust and helps in reducing low to mid-level noise, and the absorptive silencer which has fiberglass insulation that makes it a perfect option for reducing the noise of very high frequency. There is also an upgrade of these two, and that is known as the combination silencer.  As the name implies, it is perfect for the noise of any level.

Check the Deck

Making use of soundproofing materials can help in producing a quiet deck and also in reducing the noise that comes from the rock pings, blades, and also from vibrations.

These are the methods I made use of and this is because of the complaints I received from my neighbors. There are other ways to achieve this, especially if you are trying to make the mower quieter for your reasons. You can make use of hearing protection gears when mowing. There are several ear muffs with great soundproofing qualities you can make use of. Another option is to buy a quieter mower. This is the best option, especially if you are unable to go through all the processes I’ve listed above. They are methods I used, and I’ve gotten the results I needed