Welcome to our best lawn dethatcher comparison 2022. This buying guide we prepared for you provides detailed side-by-side comparison, reviews, and consumer reports.

Please refer to the comparison table with filter options we put together for you in order to have a quick look at individual models and their defining features.

Every lawn lover recognizes the need to own an excellent performing dethatcher. The benefits are innumerable even though competition between companies producing the dethatchers is stiff. This makes it really challenging to get a good dethatcher of your choice.

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Keep reading to choose a suitable model that piques your interest and works for your lawn. You will also be intrigued by the depth of this article's buying guide, a sure help to speed up your buying process.

Here are the 10 carefully selected dethatchers we reviewed for you.

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch Corded Electric Tiller

If you are in the market for a cultivator that easily penetrates the soil while guaranteeing adequate aeration in addition to moisture content, this product easily takes the first place. That intent on getting complete tool collections have recognized the need to get this Tiller. One other benefit is its ease for those who don't wish to use gas tillers

One easy-to-recognize feature of Earthwise is its vibrant and sleek design. With a slim look, it easily appeals to every potential buyer. What's better? The design doesn't impede the quality of use. With the design as well, it is easier to keep with compact places.

The impeccable Earthwise design has four steel blade tines. With these, maximum efficiencies are guaranteed, and the customer is left with a better lawn. The device also utilizes an 8.5Amp motor to furnish the Dethatcher with the power needed to undertake its task.

On an average rate, there is the delivery of 3/4 HP from the amp to the tines. This means you can easily plug into power and start to till. If you have a compact space, it is recommended that you utilize the 11-inch cutting width. Further, the versatility of the Earthwise cultivator is plain when you want to work on any area size. It would deliver when needed and function comfortably for you in tasks such as weeding and tilling of houses, your fence, and walls.

To improve your use of the product, it comes with a soft ergonomic grip that eases dethatching. Finally, you get to enjoy all the controls at your fingertips without straining yourself.


GreenWorks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher

In search of a famous brand that has been tested and trusted over a while? GreenWorks is the answer as it brings an array of products that are not only quality but durable in the long haul.‌‌

One Unique Selling Point of GreenWorks is its 14-inch Dethatcher that has been trusted to get the job done. You can always tweak the intensity with its tine depth of three positions.

‌Another versatile feature of the product is the variable heights, which can be tweaked to fit your needs. With these adjustments, your control over the device is exponentially boosted as you can remove mattered layers to boost the health of your lawn.

‌The efficiency of any Dethatcher is usually dependent on the detaching path. Hence, with this 14-Inch path, you get an easy route towards dethatching your lawn. Fitted with a 10 Amp motor, power is guaranteed for your GreenWorks Dethatcher. Plus, the engine continues to provide energy that makes it faster to clean your full lawn in the shortest amount of time. The result is that you have more time to sit back and relax! Another benefit is no worries over carbon emissions; hence, our ecosystem is better with the product.

‌In constructing the GreenWorks Dethatcher, stainless steel is used. This not only ensures resistance to rust but guarantees sustained sharpness of the product.  You will be left with a product that is both durable and proven to work efficiently.‌

Dethatcher with collection bag: Sun Joe MJ401E

Do you have a small yard? Are you in search of a lawn dethatcher or efficient electric Dethatcher that will be effective for your lawn? Look no further as MJ401E is the best electric mower that will do the job well. With its steel blades that sharpen the tines always, you can be guaranteed that the product will retain its durability over a long period.‌‌

Sun Joe MJ401E Review - Mow Joe electric lawn mower
Last Updated: 15 / 3 / 2020 Today we are looking at a pretty affordable lawn mower called Sun Joe MJ401Eelectric mower. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good stuff * Adjustable deck * Steel cutting blades * 3-position Height control Bad stuff…

One noticeable feature of the product is that it retains the capacity to make your lawn look attractive always. Its power equipment is one that eases your ability to undertake your chores in record time.

The MJ401E Dethatcher works when you power it up by the push of a button. Unlike other traditional Dethatchers, zero carbon emissions remove any potential guilt you may feel about hurting our dear environment. Plus, no need to worry over the use of gas, oil, or any more tune-ups needed. With a safety switch available, you can be sure that there would be no accidental starting.

Want to know a more refreshing feature? While trailing the rack with your product, you would find it easier to uproot thatches and remove tall weeds due to its ergonomic design. A customer with an excellent eye for taste will notice the product's tines, which are curvy steel of 7 inches. The tines ultimately improve the efficiency of the Dethatcher. Also, with the tines, it is easier to plow and thatch. With a smile fixed on your face, you would use the thatch rake to remove every knee-high weed plus young thorny briars and first-year saplings. Though they were hard to remove with other dethatchers, this product would ease your task.

Ultimately, you will love the process of improving your lawn fertility with this Dethatcher. This is irrespective of the fact it is quicker to use other dethatchers that have motors that draw power from electricity or batteries.


Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294

Dead grass makes the grassroots weak; therefore, detaching it is imperative. There is a dire need for a product that helps to loosen the thatch plus keeping the grass healthy. Agri-Fab Tine Toe Dethatcher is just the perfect fit for the job. This Dethatcher collects large grass clippings and matted thatch layers on its surface, ensuring you are guaranteed an ideal lawn. You are rest assured that your garden will look neat and exquisite.

This product is durable. The springs are made with steel, and it comes with a hitch pin, transport wheels, and a single lever handle for transport. With a steel spring, you can rest assured that the spring won't rust anytime soon, making it last longer. Also, it has a considerable steel deck and a welded bar. These two tools further ensure the durability and effectiveness of the Agri-Fab Tine Tow Dethatcher. The 40-inch tray of this machine can hold tools that weigh up to 70lbs. Keeping several tools, using the Dethatcher is more comfortable and faster as its effectiveness is increased by 60%. The machine can also penetrate the soil.

This machine is easy to operate. That's one of the key reasons a lot of people buy it. Plus, as a semi-pneumatic wheel, the sturdiness and durability aren't in doubt. Lastly, the transport handle makes its raising and lowering process easy; no need to break so much sweat.

Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher

If your garden is large and the grasses are acting too stubborn, then the Agri-Fab 45-0295 Tine Tow Dethatcher is a perfect choice. This is a dethatcher with a simple design but very useful. Its quality weight tray is one of the features that attract many buyers. Considered as the most giant tray in the market, the 48-inches tray can hold up to 72lbs, suitable for heavy work. What's more, the pneumatic tires are so smooth they glide effortlessly on any grass. With the length of the tires at 7 by 1.5, you have no worries; the work you need to be done will be carried out smoothly and fast. It has 24 spring tines, therefore, are sturdy and durable. If you are one who is concerned about the quality and the country of manufacture where your dethatcher is made in, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. These heavy-duty dethatchers are made in the USA and underwent rigorous heat treatment. What is even better are the easy-to-operate handles that are adjustable. Looking for an easy-to-use dethatcher that delivers? Then look no further than the Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher.

Agri-Fab 45-0343 Front Mount Dethatcher

If you need a lawn that mows a large space at a time then the Agri-Fab 45-0343 Front Mount Dethatcher is the right choice for you. The 42-width Dethatcher covers a large area of land, making it fast and effective. Pneumatic tires, made from light poly materials, and easy-to-operate handles makes this Dethatcher a perfect fit for both amateurs and professionals. Durability is no problem with the Agri-Fab 45-0343. It uses the tow-style system to mow your lawns, improving the perforation of your yard. You can quickly and easily add tools to this sweeper to enhance its efficiency. In addition, it has a trailer hitcher alongside the sweeper. It is compatible with Agri-Fab models such as 45-0331, 45-0320, 45-0326, and 45-0337. Made in the USA, it underwent the most rigorous testing to ensure a strong and effective dethatcher for you. It also has a hopper bag that stores compactly when you use the Dethatcher. With this tool, your gardening is greatly helped.

Tiller dethatcher combo: Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher

This particular device is useful for gardening. If you find yourself being troubled by both crabgrass and weed and you're in search of a dethatcher that will eliminate them and still keep your grass healthy and neat, then look no further than this product. It helps to remove choked grasses and weeds on your lawns quickly. One stunning feature about them is their lightweight nature. They are straightforward to use, and you have comfortable handlebars with them. This means that you will not stress about using the device. Another fantastic feature of this product is its effectiveness. The pines are sharp even after several uses, making them durable. It can carry our heavy-duty work with ease. Dethatching your lawn is a necessity and must be carried out using the best dethatchers in the market.

What types of dethatchers are there?

We've listed all available dethatcher types in their respective pages. Please click on the titles to read more about each model.

Pull Behind Dethatchers

This is the way to go when you have acres of land. These models are generally towed by a tractor or lawn mower.

Thatch Rake

If you're the owner of a small garden, you're probably better off owning a thatch rake. They're small, easy to store, cheap, and doesn't require any maintenance at all. The only problem is that it's manual, which means it is your muscle that powers them, not an electric or a gas motor!

Since they do not consume any gasoline or electricity to run, it is environmentally friendly, silent, and at the same time, improves your physical fitness, that's a nice side-effect to have. Besides, manual thatch rakes are much cheaper than electric or gas models.

If, however, you own a relatively larger yard, continue reading because you'll get weary of manual rakes very quickly.

Electric lawn dethatcher

If you have a larger yard, at least a couple hundred yards, and you don't want to spend your entire weekend pulling around a rake when you could enjoy your time doing something else, consider an electric lawn dethatcher.

These machines are powered by electricity, and they are more suitable for medium and big gardens of all types.

The only problem that comes with these dethatchers is; you're basically limited to the length of the cordon, which you might have to purchase separately.

Also, you must constantly be watching the power cord to avoid running over it. Or else, the teeth under the dethatcher will damage or cut the cord entirely and interrupt your work due to voltage drop.

Tip: Scarifiers and dethatchers have much less weight compared to lawn mowers. If you want the blades to penetrate deeper into the ground, you can place extra weight on top of the machine, which will provide the extra pressure needed to go deeper.

Gas dethatchers

When you own a larger lawn around 400 to 3000 yards and own some sort of a tractor, you should skip gas dethatchers and consider a tow behind dethatcher. If you don't own a tractor but still have a big yard, explore further this category.

Unlike electric dethatchers, gas models do not depend on any sort of power socket being present, and you don't have a power cord you need to pay attention to at all times.

These gasoline-powered dethatchers have more weight to it than electric-powered models thus are able to penetrate deeper into the ground.

Thanks to their weight, they work much better on harder soil and perform effortlessly. The only downside is they are harder to handle than their electric counterparts.

In Conclusion

Having reviewed the best dethatchers that 2022 has to offer, here are some helpful tips for every prospective buyer. First, make sure you take time to peruse through the ten recommended products. Without feeling pressured, choose the one that suits your lawn better rather than the one that we maintain is the best quality.

The comfort that a dethatcher has to offer mostly depends on the price. So far, the cable pull has been the most common method for gas dethachers. However, this requires some strength and tact. It is more comfortable with an electric starter. The Dethatcher starts at the push of a button. Much more convenient. There are also differences when it comes to the handle. Some handles are ergonomically shaped. This is very pleasant, especially with larger lawns.

A grass catcher is also convenient because the cut grass is collected there, and you can dispose of it more easily. Without the grass catcher, you first have to add the grass clippings together.

We know you will make the best decision after patiently reading through this review. Endeavor to check out the grass shear as a good factor while also considering how big your yard is plus the height of the grasses within.

Have a wonderful time choosing the one for you!