I recently got an idea to grow an indoor garden since I had to open space that could serve this purpose. However, I did not know how to go about this. I initially thought that all I would be needing was small pots and clay or loamy soil to plant the herb or vegetable of my choice. However, I knew that this would not be effective because there are a lot of requirements for plants to grow, among which include proper exposure to light and water. I had no idea back then that technology has gone far, and there are different devices that make it possible to own an indoor garden.

Good stuff
  • Wide selection of more than 40 plants
  • Comes with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce pods
Bad stuff
  • Not much

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I got to know about this from a conversation with a colleague of mine who introduced me to the Click and Grow Smart Garden 27. We headed out to get this device, and ever since then, I have been using it to grow my indoor garden. Now I have constant access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other herbs.

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The Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 is a high-end technology that makes it possible to grow an indoor garden that has the ability to take care of itself and also to grow fresh and flavoring herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 is different from the other series of the Click and Grow Smart Garden (3 and 9).

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 is an upgrade of the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9. The package contains a Click and Grow Plant Stand in addition to the 3 Smart Garden 9 it comes with. The idea of this product is to conserve space and also to be able to up to 27 different plants at a time.

I was happy with the fact that this product provides the plant with everything required for proper growth, including water, light, and nutrient. It provides these requirements in the exact amount. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 can also be seen as a capsule coffee machine for plants. However, it provides different plant pods that have seeds and nutrients. Some of the plants included in the plant pods are basil, lettuce, and mini tomato, of which 9 are included.

Since the Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 contains 3 Smart Garden 9, it is expected that it would have similar features, and these features include:

  1. Water Tank: This is a self-watering tank with a capacity of 4L. It also has a water level indicator that helps in showing the level of water in the tank.
  2. pH Regulator: This helps in maintaining optimum pH conditions in order to ensure that maximum growth is seen in the plant.
  3. Glow Light: This helps in supplying the plant with sufficient light to ensure the effective growth of the plant and also to add beauty to the entire device. It is important to note that this glowing light stays turned on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours, and it is advised that the light be turned on in the morning so that there would be no light interference at night time.
  4. Biodome: This helps in creating a greenhouse effect that increases the way the plant grows.
  5. In addition to all these features, smart soil is used, and this is made of completely biodegradable materials. No chemicals are used.

In addition to these similar features with the Smart Garden 9, the Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 comes with a Plant Stand that allows you to arrange the 3 Smart Garden 9 and also helps you to conserve space. This plant stand has a dimension of 47 x 26 x 10.3 inches and is easy to assemble.

Setting up the Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 is very easy and can be achieved by following these steps;

The first thing to do is to set up the three different Smart Garden 9;this can be achieved with the following way:

  1. The first thing to do is to open the package upon its arrival and place all the parts and accessories on a countertop.
  2. Next is to add the first extensions. It is important to ensure that the side with a groove on it is attached to an extension with a similar groove. This will make it possible to keep the cord in
  3. Fix the light
  4. The plant pods should then be taken, and the u-shaped lids removed in order to add the plant capsules. The u-shaped lids can then be placed back on the plant pods after the plant pods have been added. It is also important to label each plant pod so that you would be able to monitor their growth.
  5. Clear domes should be placed on the capsules to ensure the speedy germination of the plant. These domes can be removed as soon as germination begins.
  6. Fill the 4L water tank. This water is sufficient enough to last between three to four weeks.
  7. Next is to plug in the device. This will turn on the LED light. The light stays on for 16 hours daily and off for 8 hours. It is usually recommended that the light should be plugged in the morning. This is to ensure that light distraction and pollution is avoided at night.
  8. Your plant will begin to sprout within two to three weeks if these steps are followed.

The second thing to do is to arrange the three different Smart Garden 9 on the Smart Plant Stand.

I like this Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 because it makes it possible for me to grow 27 different plants at a time while it caters to their nutrient, light, and water needs. I recommend this product for every home, and I am giving it a 10 out of 10-star rating.