I was recently discussing with my colleague about how beautiful it would be to grow different vegetables and herbs all year round with very little effort. I had no idea that something like the Click and Grow Smart Garden existed. My colleague told me more about it, and he recommended the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 for me.

Good stuff
  • Wide selection of more than 40 plants
  • Comes with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce pods
Bad stuff
  • Not much

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The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 was designed with the aim of bridging the gap between urban life and nature, and also to make the whole process enjoyable. An indoor garden that is not only able to take care of itself but can also grow fresh and flavoring fruits, herbs, and vegetables. This high-end technology makes it easy to start an indoor garden. I was initially reluctant to get this product because it had a slightly higher price compared to other products in the market. However, with much persuasion from my colleague, and because it had several features that made it worth the price, I was finally able to give the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 a try.

After using this smart garden for a while, I realized that it works like a capsule coffee machine for plants. However, it offers biodegradable plant pods with nutrients and seeds in it instead of coffee pods.

One thing I like about this device was the fact that getting started with it was very easy, requiring very few steps as follows:

  1. Inserting the Capsules, which is usually biodegradable without any chemical.
  2. Adding water: This smart garden has a 40oz water tank, and this can hold water for as long as three weeks
  3. Plug the device: This smart garden has a very efficient LED systems, and this gives it a power consumption of not more than 8W.

After using this device for a while now, I released that the Plant Capsule has a lot of amazing properties, each of which serves a unique purpose.

Here are some of these amazing properties:

  1. Wick: When submerged, this feature helps to draw up waters.
  2. Cup: This serves as a house for the smart soil capsule, which is made up of biodegradable substances and natural materials.
  3. pH Regulator: For optimal growth, plants usually require a balanced pH condition. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 also has a pH regulator that helps in maintaining a balanced pH for the optimal growth of the planted herb or vegetable.
  4. Biodome: At first glance, you might be wondering if the plant will actually grow, or how fast it will grow. A greenhouse effect is created by the biodome, and this helps in increasing the rate at which the plant will grow.
  5. For a plant to grow effectively, nutrient, water, and oxygen is a must. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 was designed such that the right amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients are supplied continuously to the plant.

Smart Garden 3 vs 9

There are different Click and Grown Smart Gardens. The smart garden 9 is the next series after the smart garden 3, and here is a quick run down through the differences between these two smart gardens.

  1. Three plants can be grown at once with the Smart Garden 3, and they are usually in seed pods that contain the seeds of your choice and smart soil. The Smart Garden 9, on the other hand, can grow as much as 9 plants at a time, which is 3 times more than the Smart Garden 3.
  2. The Smart Garden 3 has a power consumption of 8W, and this is because of its lower functions when compared to the Smart Garden 9, which has a power consumption of 9W.
  3. The Smart Garden 3 is smaller in size compared to the Smart Garden 9. Depending on what you want, both offer great functionalities, making them suitably able to grow different herbs and vegetables all at once.

The Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9 are both greater devices, although they have their difference, they are great both great option for growing an indoor garden. It all depends on what you want. Both devices come in different colors; they are both compacts in size and are very inexpensive. They also come in different color and design, which is however limited to beige, white and grey, all of which gives the devices a fantastic build quality.

Smart Garden 3 Dimensions

The Smart Garden 3 is generally compact in size. The height of the light can be adjusted, and this makes it possible for the plant to grow.

Here are the dimensions of this device.

Height: 210 mm to 470 mm

Width: 300 mm

Depth: 120 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Other attributes of the Smart Garden 3 include a water tank capacity of 1.2L and a cable length of 1900 mm.

The packaging of this device, which is also compact, has the following dimension.

  • Package Width: 315 mm
  • Package depth: 130 mm
  • Package height: 227 mm
  • Package weight: 1.73 kg.

For me, the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is the best way to own an indoor garden that requires little or no effort to maintain and will continue to grow all year round. With this device, you can perfectly calibrate the light, nutrients, and water. You would not need to bother about pesticides with this device. Another interesting thing is that there are over 50 plant varieties you can choose from. You also have the choice to sow your own seed. I’d give this device a 10 out of 10-star review.