A friend of mine recommended the Greenworks 25012, a 12 Amp, 18-inch corded lawnmower.  He said a lot about these devices and assured me that it was going to help me with my lawn. Looking at the size of this mower, I had doubts and was not sure if it would be able to do my mowing job. My wife insisted that we get it because to her, this mower was simply adorable. Of what good is cuteness if a mower cannot efficiently cut the grasses in my lawn.

Good stuff
  • The cut quality is great
  • The mower is super light
  • It's quieter than my vacuum cleaner
Bad stuff
  • Plastic parts

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When the mower arrived, I noticed that it was so easy to assemble even without the help of the user manual. I fixed the handles, and that was it, the Greenworks 25012 was good to go. I also noticed the need for an extension cord, so I hurriedly got one. I have been using this mower for some time now, and I can assure you that it is worth the buy.

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Here are some fantastic features of this mower.

  1. Quality of Cut and Other Options: Greenworks 25012 is built with a 12 Amp engine which is on an 18-inch deck. This allows the mower to cut through heavy and thick grass easily. Its lightweight makes it easy to cut through the new lawn that is sprouting up. It has a dual function making it usable for both mulching and mowing. Another feature I like is the handle, which is ergonomically designed. This handle is foldable, making it easy to store. On the handle is a cushion for comfort and control buttons.
  2. Maintenance: One of the important features about most electric mower is that they do not emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere because they do not use gas, oil, air filter, spark plugs or other gaskets. This is also applicable to the Greenworks 25012 lawnmower. The major maintenance you might need to carry out for this mower is to sharpen the blade frequently.
  3. Unique Features: This electric mower has a 7-inch front and rear wheel, which makes it easy to maneuver rocky and uneven yards or any other obstacle. It also comes with 7 cutting heights and handles. I noticed that when starting the mower, it is important to pull the bail lever towards the handlebar after pushing the start button. Doing this will prevent you from accidentally hitting the bail or accidentally starting the mower.
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My wife and I are so happy we got this product. The Greenworks 25012 is the best option for small to medium-sized lawns and gardens. It is durable, portable and highly efficient. It is also affordable unlike some gas-powered and other electric lawnmowers. This mower comes with a full four-year warranty which is two times longer than most companies.

I love this lawnmower and its amazing features which is why I am giving it a full five out of five-star rating.

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