Mowing season is right around the corner. In order to have this beautiful, organized looking lawns, you need to have your blades sharp and ready for the job. Or else, your grass won't have an equal and clean cut.

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You probably agree.

But... how much to sharpen mower blades?

Before we can answer that, you need to pick between two options; A) Hire a professional to do the work. B) Buy the right tools and sharpen them yourself.

The one involving the *professionals* undoubtedly will cost you a few more bucks. But we'll explore both options and let you make the right decision for you.

Hire a professional help

Not all of us have an eye for repair work, maintenance and safety. If that sounds like you, best and probably the safest option is to take your mower to a nearby service location.

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Depending on the type of your mower, you can expect to pay anywhere between 20 dollars to 60 dollars. If it's a reel lawn mower you might not even need to take the blades off the mower and sharpen them while they're attached. But if you own a more complicated gas, electric mower or perhaps a riding tractor, we suggest you get help from a professional since it's a bit dangerous.

The good news is, when you're taking your mower to a service location for yearly checkup and maintenance, they already sharpen your blades, included in the price!

Sharpen lawn mower blades yourself

Come on... This is not a rocket science. If you have the patience, will, a few hours and the right tools, you can easily sharpen those blades yourself in your garage.

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Chances are, you probably won't even need to buy any additional tools if you have a wrench and a file. If you don't own these however, getting your set would be a wise move since you're probably going to need to sharpen those blades every 3 weeks or so. If you buy them from Amazon, you can expect to spend anywhere between 15 - 50 dollars on your sharpening set. But it's a one time expense. You're going to be using those tools year after year.

Get a cold one open and read our step by step guide on How to sharpen a lawn mower blade with a file.  

To grow a perfect English lawn, a cylinder mower is one of the best options. However, due to the way its blades built and shaped, they can't be sharpened by files. In order to get those blades sharp again, you need to invest a few thousand dollars into grinding machine designed for that purpose. It's simply not worth it, you can get 5 great, brand new electric lawn mowers for that price! So if you own one of those cylinder reel mowers, just pay a professional to get the job done.

That's about it guys.

If you decided to deliver your mower to professional caring hands, look up the nearest certified service location on Google, if however, you like to do it yourself, go read our guide on sharpening your mower at home.

If you simply can't be bothered with any of those tasks and you need a brand new lawn mower anyways, check out some of our buyer guides here: