Worx is one of the top brands that come to mind when it comes to gardening tools. Last week I've had the pleasure to see it in action and play around with it for a while.

In our LANDROID M 20V (4.0AH) CORDLESS ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER review, I'm going to share my experience and we're going to explore the reasons why it's worth the money.

Good stuff
Bad stuff
  • No GPS

It is a fully automated lawn mower from WORX's Landroid series that offers 3 blade cutting and mulching system for finer-edge cutting. It is so hands-off, it'll even go back to its charging station when it's raining. Now that's something I haven't seen even in higher-end commercial lawnmowers.

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Installing the Worx WR140

Getting started couldn't be simpler. You could either call one of the Worx-certified dealers for help to get it installed or set up the boundary wires and the station yourself following the manual that comes in the box.

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Worx WR140 vs WR150?

Both of these models have similar features and are GPS powered. However, the WR150 is for bigger lawns up to 1/2 acre, while the WR140 is recommended for gardens up to 1/4 acre or less. From battery time to sound level, the two models have identical features. The main difference is in size; the WR150 is made significantly bigger than the other model to handle heavy-duty work easily and cut longer grass, up to 3.9 inches.

What I didn't like about WORX WR140?

Having used and tested a lot of different entry-level and heavy-duty commercial lawn mowers myself, one problem I noticed with the Worx WR140 is that, it has very slippery wheels which makes it not a very ideal model for gardens with high slopes. Let alone wet grass, even in dry and short grass this device might just slip back, lose traction, and possibly go outside of its boundary wires. Even though Worx says it can handle up to 20% inclines, but the model I have just didn't perform well on slopes.

Worx WR140 Build Quality

Just like any other Worx product, there's not much to criticize here. It's well-built, and looks solid, elegant, and futuristic, just like other robotic cordless lawnmowers in Worx's Landroid line.

Final Words

Overall, I can definitely see Worx WR140 replacing my McCulloch Rob R1000, but not my Husqvarna Automower 430XH or 315x.