One mistake that is often made my most lawnmower owners is that they overlook the fact that grasses and debris can lead to major faults that could damage the mower. This usually occurs when the debris and particles accumulate between some parts of the engine, thus leading to difficulty in controlling the engine, temporary loss of power, engine overheating or even permanent damage of the engine.

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I have not been able to mow my lawn for a while now, and this is basically because I did not know how to fix it and was not ready to call an engineer to help me fix it. Days turned into weeks, and my formerly well-mowed lawn was nothing

I have developed the habit of cleaning my lawnmower engine regularly because I have a proper understanding of the harmful effect, I could expose my lawnmower to when I don't clean the engine. It is important always to check and ensure that there are not grasses, debris or other particles in the muffler and also the blower housing.  Cleaning should also be done when the mower is stored in order to prevent insects and rodents from creating their nests in the lawn mower engine.

I make use of a very effective method to clean my lawn mower engine. Here are the methods I use to achieve this:

  1. The first thing to do whenever you are cleaning the engine or any part of the engine is to turn off the engine and also to disconnect the spark plug while ensuring that the spark plug lead is kept away.
  2. The next thing to do is to remove the engine screen or the shroud. This is equipped in some engine either with a metallic or a plastic housing. Removing the housing if metallic can be achieved by unscrewing the bolts; however, if plastic, you can simply snap it off.
  3. Use a small bristle brush to clean the blower housing, the cooling fins, and the flywheel fins. Dirt should be gently scraped off with the aid of a bristle brush or a putty knife. Ensure that you do not damage the flywheel or the blower housing when you scrape off the dirt. Applying a solvent to the brush will also help in making the stubborn grit to loosen up.
  4. The flywheel cutting screen should also be cleaned, and all the dirt and debris should be removed. A dirty flywheel cutting screen will reduce the ability of the engine to cool itself.
  5. Do not use compressed air to remove debris because this can force it into inaccessible parts of the engine. Only use a brush or knife to remove debris.
  6. Remove debris from the brake assembly and ensure that the brake linkage and cable can move freely.
  7. Re-couple the blower housing and reconnect the detached spark plug.

You will notice that your engine will run better than it used to after cleaning it with these steps. Remember that your mower needs enough care and proper maintenance for it to perform efficiently and effectively, and also for it to last for a long period.