Cleaning the lawn mower’s gas tank is a very important thing to do, usually in addition to changing the gas for a fresh one. This is usually done when the lawnmower has been left for a very long period without being used. My lawnmower has been out of use for some months now, and the springs are fast approaching, you can already perceive the grass growing. The time to get the lawnmower was already here. However, I knew that my mower would fail to start when I try because I left gas in it throughout the period when it was out of use. I knew that I could not avoid cleaning the gas tank because so much debris had already settled and even clogged the fuel line.

Here's how to clean Lawn Mower Gas Tank:

Safety: Remember that even though the gas in the tank may be stale, it is still highly flammable, and as such, it is important to ensure your safety by you do not smoke within the vicinity.

Remove the Plugs: This is also a safety precaution to take. This is because the vapor is sufficient to start the engine and get the blades in motion, which can be really hazardous. Never clean your mowers gas tank while the plugs are plugged in.

Empty the Tank: Remove every remnant fuel or gas left in the tank before you proceed to clean the tank. The process of emptying the fuel tank is also easy to follow and straightforward.

Clean the Tank and the Carburetor: A canister of carburetor cleaner can be used to clean the tank. The cleaner should be sprayed into the outtake hole of the gas tank fuel line. The interior of the tank should also be thoroughly sprayed.

Rinse the Tank: Never make use of water to rinse the tank. This is because the residue of water can be harmful to the carburetor and also to fuel injectors. Fresh gas should be used in rinsing the tank. Simply close the tank and thoroughly agitate the lawnmower to ensure that the tank is fully rinsed. Remove the gas and repeat as necessary. The gas used in rinsing the tank can also be used to wash other parts of the engine, and as such, it should not be discarded.

Fill Up the Tank: Only fresh gas should be used for this purpose. It is important to note that any gas that is older than a month is not suitable because it has already started degrading. Therefore, only fresh gas (less than a week old) should be used. Buy your gas from a well-known and busy gas station.

Your gas tank is clean, and your lawnmower is now ready for use. If your mower does not start after cleaning the gas tank, you might need to clean and services other components of the mower like the air filter or the spark plugs.