I have not been able to mow my lawn for a while now, and this is basically because I did not know how to fix it and was not ready to call an engineer to help me fix it. Days turned into weeks, and my formerly well-mowed lawn was nothing to write home about. Something had to be done. I got my toolbox one evening and decided to experiment and see if I’d be able to achieve something. My lawnmowers pull cord was as good as new in less than 20 minutes.  I was really surprised at how fast I repaired it. I hurriedly proceeded to mow my lawn.

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Here’s how to repair lawn mower pull cord:

Remove the Housing Cap of the Recoil

This is the cap that holds the recoil and the pulley together. The first thing is to unscrew this cap. You can proceed with the repair if you notice that the spring is out of place. However, if you notice that the housing, the pulley, or the spring has completely failed or is broken, you might need to get the appropriate replacement before you can continue with the repair.

Loosen the rope

This will help you to remove the rope from the housing.

Replace Damaged Parts

Parts like the pulley, spring, and the housing itself should be replaced if the need arises.

Re-tension the Spring

To achieve this, you will need to wind the pulley in the opposite direction. This depends on how you want to return the rope to the housing. Once the pulley is in the housing, turn it six times and use a stick or screwdriver to hold the pulley in place and prevent it from spinning.

Fix the Cap

This holds the pulley in place. However, it is important to note that this would not prevent the pulley from spinning. It is therefore important to ensure that this is prevented.

Reinstall the Cord

The holes on the housing and also on the pulley should first be lined up so that the thread can pass through. Ensure the rope is of the appropriate length. If you are worried about the cord untying itself, you can add glue to the single overhand knot. It is also important to ensure that the knot does not interfere with the ability of the pulley to rotate in the housing.

Coil the Cord

First, remove the screwdriver while holding the recoil starter in place. Next is to pull tightly before letting go of the pulley. It is important to control the speed the pulley uses in winding the pull cord back to the starter.

These are easy to follow steps to fix a lawnmower pull cord within 20 minutes or even less, and you do not need more than a screwdriver or hammer to achieve this.