Spring is fast approaching, that time of the year when you would need to take your lawnmower and start trimming the grasses in your lawn. I take pride in my lawn and also in the equipment in my lawn, and I hate it when my lawn, especially my first cut, is unevenly cut. This only happens when the lawnmower deck is not properly leveled.

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I recently came across some straightforward steps in addition to a few height specifications to follow to level the lawn mower deck and get an even cut on your lawn. These steps are as follows:

1. Place the mower on level ground.

This is very important because the ground will serve as a measuring foundation.

2. Secure the mower

Ensure that the mower is stabilized by engaging the parking brake so that the mower does not roll back. It is also important to ensure that the lever for engagement is not in an engaged position. Remove the key after switching the ignition off.

3. Detach the wire of the spark plug after the blades, and every other moving part of the engine has stopped. Also, ensure that the spark plug wire is positioned such that it does not come in contact with the engine's spark plug.

4. Level the tires

Ensure that all the tires are properly gauged so that the mower will be properly leveled, and you would be able to effectively level the deck.

5. Rotate all the blades to the side and measure from the ground to the edge of the blade for both sides. Take note of the measurements you get. An adjustment is only needed when the difference is above 1/8 inch.

6. Adjustments are made by turning the lock nut of the lift link. An Anticlockwise turn lowers the mower, and a clockwise turn raises it. Each full turn brings about a 3/16 inch difference in height.

7. Take measurements of the ground to blade level on both sides and ensure that the difference is not more than 1/8 inch.

8. Rotate the blade such that it is in a front-to-back direction. The adjustment would be needed only if the front-rear angle is not within the 1/8-inch to ½-inch range.

9. Adjustments are then made by using a wrench to loosen a jam nut by several turns. A counterclockwise turn would lift the front of the mower, and an Anticlockwise turn would lower the front of the mower.

10.  The jam nut should be tightened when you are certain that all the measurements are within the acceptable range. Always ensure that you do not alter your adjustments when you tighten the jam nut.

11.  The mower is now ready for use again. Replace the spark plug wire and turn on the ignition to start your mower so you can test it.

You can now get an even cut with your mower. One precaution I take to ensure that I fix an uneven deck always is by avoiding every debris and bump that has the potential to cause damage.

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