When I first encounter the Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic lawn mower during my search for the best robot lawn mowers for home use, it really caught my attention. This is because it looks very handy and easy to use, and the company is bragging about how effective it is, considering that it is a robotic type. So, considering all the features and information about the product, I finally decided to give it a try and purchase it.

Good stuff
Bad stuff
  • It's not maintenance free
  • Poor Reliability

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After a few days, my Robomow RS630 arrived and was delivered right there in front of our house. The shipping and delivery processes were smooth and hassle-free. I really enjoyed purchasing this product. The fast delivery is a bonus. The products come in a secured box and the item is fully functional and of high quality. There were also no scratches or dents when I inspected the lawnmower. All the parts promised to be included in the listing are also included such as the batteries.

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When it comes to the functionality of the Robomow RS630, I am really confident giving it a 5-star. Considering that it is a portable and automatic lawnmower, it is tough for its type. Can you imagine that it can cut even effectively even St. Agustine grass? A part of our lawn, especially the back, is near the kitchen is covered with it.

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During summer, the grass really turns so healthy because of enough sunlight and a nice temperature. Also, during this season, I need to regularly trim it so that it will look good, flat, and uniform. Now that I have this new and special kind of automatic lawnmower, I can just easily set it on, sit back and relax, while all the work needed will be accomplished perfectly.

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We really have a big yard, but I don’t experience any inconveniences maintaining it. Reading the product description, mentioned that this automated lawnmower could mow effectively about 34,000 sq. ft of many types of grass. Well, I would believe that because it does show great efficiency in trimming the grass on our big lawn. We also have an area that is a bit sloppy but it manages to cut the grass there as well conveniently. This is because of its ability to mow even with slopes of 20 degrees or below.

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When it comes to the motor and the blades, this lawn mover is also top-notch and have 22 inches cutting path. Can you imagine what you can do with this high-performance lawn mower? Aside from that, this product also required very little to almost no maintenance. This is a brushless motor so you do not have to worry about keeping it checked from time to time. If you are a wise homeowner like me who wants to save money on your lawn maintenance, be sure to get one of the Robomow RS630 available online. It is really good and will give you great value.

Robomow RS630

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