Have you ever wished your mower could move faster and work harder? I used to wonder if it was possible to increase the speed of my lawn mower until I came across some straightforward tricks which I would be sharing with you in this article. The truth of the matter is that you would never enjoy mowing if your mower moves really slowly, and as such, your inner drive and eagerness to mow your lawn would gradually fade away.

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Here are some of the few tricks I use in making my lawn mower move faster and work harder, with great efficiency:

1. Sharpen the Mower Blade

Your mower is probably moving slowly because the blade has gone completely blunt. One easy way of increasing the speed of your mower is by sharpening the blades. This would make it easy for the mower to cut grass and move across the lawn at a faster speed. Sharpening your lawnmower’s blade would also eliminate the need to go over your lawn more that one time.

2. High-octane Gasoline

Your engine is not running efficiently because you are not making use of a high-quality gas. Clean gas increases the efficiency of your mower’s engine. Therefore, it is very important to make use of a fuel stabilizer if you would be leaving the gas in your mower for a long period.

3. Make Use of Inflated Tires

Always ensure that the tires are properly inflated before you set out to mow your lawn. You would find the specifications and appropriate inflation level on your mower’s user manual or the wall of the mower’s tire.

4. Ensure that Everything is in Proper Working Condition

One of the things that are probably slowing down your mower is a faulty part. Always ensure that the shafts, belts, chains, and filters and working properly based on the manufacturer’s instruction. It is important to regularly services your mower to ensure that these parts are always in good working condition.

5. Check for Important Information in Your Mower’s User Manual

There is some important information in the user manual that would help in making the lawnmower faster. An example of this is making changes to the governor as well as adjusting the throttle speed. The mower throttle settings vary from one mower to another, and as such, it is important to avoid using a setting of one mower for the other.

My lawnmower always mows at a faster speed, and I am able to achieve this with little effort. The only things I make use of in achieving this include a tire air pressure gauge, the lawnmower’s user manual, and an air compressor or a tire pump. Your only option will be to get a bigger engine if these methods I have listed above do not help in improving the speed of your lawn mower.

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