I got tired of hiring people to help mow my lawn because I was never satisfied with the way it was done. I decided to get a lawnmower and do the job myself. I knew I needed something small, but I did not know what product to buy. I started making inquiries about different mowers, and a colleague of mine recommended the Sun Joe MJ403E Lawn Mower to me. I visited the manufacturer's site and hurriedly placed an order for this amazing craft.

Good stuff
  • Easy-to-use, maintenance free electric lawn mower
  • Eco-friendly - Zero carbon emissions for cleaner air
  • Convertible mulching/mowing function
Bad stuff
  • Isn't very good with thick tall grass

Sun Joe MJ403E is a 13 Amp, 17-inch electric lawn mower for half acre that does not make use of oil, or gas and is completely eco-friendly. I have been using this mower for a while now, and I do not regret buying it. It delivers a very reliable performance that you can depend on for mulching and also mowing.

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I initially had doubts about this product, but these amazing characteristics made me realize how lucky I am to have this lawnmower.

  1. Convenience: Sun Joe MJ403E is a lightweight mower that weighs not more than 32 pounds. It is electrically powered and does not make use of gas or oil, and this saves you from having to inhale toxic fumes, it also makes it easy to clean and maintain. It has robust rear and front wheels that make it easy to move around. It also has a foldable handle that makes it easy to transport and store without consuming much space.
  2. Performance: I marveled at the performance of this mower. It makes use of a powerful 13 Amp engine. It has 17 inches cutting path and a cutting height of between 1.0 inches to 2.9 inches. It comes with a detachable 12-gallon rear bag for clippings.
  3. Other amazing features: Sun Joe MJ403E has a convertible mowing/mulching function, it is ETL approved, and it comes with a full two-year warranty.

Sun Joe MJ403E lawn mower is your best buy. As mentioned above, this mower has dual functionality, and you can easily convert your Sun Joe MJ403E lawnmower into a mulching mower. This conversion is done by switching the rear bag for a mulching plug so that nutrient-rich clippings and freshly-cut grasses would be spread all over your lawn instead of being collected into the bag for proper disposal.

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This mower has made mowing a lot easier for me, and I do not see myself going back to hiring people to mow my lawn. For me, this mower should be rated 10 out of 10.